The most realistic Final Fantasy cosplayers

To really capture the look and feel of a Square Enix character takes a lot of dedication, so you can imagine tackling a Final Fantasy character is no easy task for even the most skilled of cosplayers. This list is full of cosplayers dressed as Final Fantasy characters who really put in an insane amount of effort to bring these intricate video game characters to life in full 3D glory. Vote up the most authentic and inventive cosplay of Final Fantasy characters on this list to let others know who’s the best, and vote down the ones that could use some extra work.

You’ll find your favorite characters from the entire span of Final Fantasy games in the franchise on here, being sure not to skip over any of the side games or old classics. Keep scrolling to see which cosplayers totally kill these amazing Japanese RPG-themed cosplays.

1. Rikku Thief – Final Fantasy X-2

Calssara is this eye-poppingly beautiful Rikku Thief from Final Fantasy X-2! Shot in Italy by Marco Galeano Photographer.

2. Summoner Yuna – Final Fantasy X

Fantalusy makes a more than fantastic Summoner Yuna from Final Fantasy X pose, photo taken by Rayvenger.

3. Kuja – Final Fantasy IX

NarcissPuppet goes above and beyond beauty with this Kuja from Final Fantasy IX, with equally as stunning photography by ONE-Photographie.

4. Vanille – Final Fantasy XIII

Dizzymonogatari captures KiaraBerry’s Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII in absolute perfection.

5. Paine – Final Fantasy X-2

The lovely 7SHUN as Paine, photo beautifully taken by 35ryo.

6. Tifa – Final Fantasy VII

This Tifa from Final Fantasy VII is the beautiful KICKAcosplay, photography by AT Photographies

7. Fran – Final Fantasy XII

Kara Corvus as the killer Fran the Viera cosplay from Final Fantasy XII, shot taken by Manny Llanura Photography.

8. Aerith – Final Fantasy VII

Nobody is more lovely or elegant than Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith, and DidsRainfall displays that magically. Photo shot by Yushu-Eien.

9. Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII

EnvytheOne perfectly captures ver1sa cosplaying as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

10. Auron – Final Fantasy X

State Alchemist displaying a seriously killer Auron from Final Fantasy X, awesomely taken by qcamera!

11. Rikku – Final Fantasy X-2

Momo as the beautiful Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2, captured wonderfully by vaxzone.

12. Rydia – Final Fantasy IV

This Rydia from Final Fantasy by umibe is beyond beautiful.

13. Yuffie Kisaragi – Final Fantasy VII

This Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy VII is the beautiful Astellecia. Photography by vaxzone!

14. Lulu – Final Fantasy X

Lulu 2 from Final Fantasy X cosplayed by the stunning LunaEnGrey, shot by Raz1n!

15. Edea – Final Fantasy VIII

The lovely Noema85 as Edea from Final Fantasy VIII. Shot taken by lokinst.

16. Guardian Force Siren – Final Fantasy VIII

This absolutely amazing Guardian Force Siren cosplay from Final Fantasy VIII is etaru! Photographed by LJinto.

17. Noctis – Final Fantasy XV

Inushio illuminates the kingly handsomeness of Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, shot taken by Dekton.

18. Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII

This stunning Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII is Katy-Angel.

19. Seven – Final Fantasy Type-0

Fantalusy makes an intimidating Seven from Final Fantasy Type-0, captured perfectly by Rayvenger.

20. Tina Branford And Celes Chere – Final Fantasy VI

Cvy as Terra Branford and wildmushrooms Celes Chere from Final Fantasy VI, shot taken by shiroang!

21. Rydia – Final Fantasy IV

The lovely Rinoa as Rydia from Final Fantasy IV, with beautiful photography by Maxsy66.

22. Terra Branford And Onion Knight – Dissidia Final Fantasy

Terra Branford and Onion Knight by koshinaka and Cvy, shot amazingly by songster69.

23. Livia Sas Junius – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

This fantastic cosplay is Lady Angelus as Livia sas Junius from FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, shot by vaxzone!

24. Cloud – Final Fantasy VII

Tempura-Sushi poses as the amazing Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, photography by Xeno-Photography.

25. Quistis Trepe – Final Fantasy VIII

Xeno-Photography took this amazing photo of Elie as Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII.

26. Snow Villiers – Final Fantasy XIII

AmenoKitarou is this totally cool cosplay of Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII, taken by beethy.

27. Bartz – Dissidia Final Fantasy

Mrkittycosplay strikes an excellent pose as Bartz from Dissidia Final Fantasy, shot and edited by beethy.

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The most realistic Final Fantasy cosplayers


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