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About This Game

《The prophecy of statues》 is a Third Person Adventure Game.The mysterious country behind the statue has strange creatures and guardians. In order to unveil the mystery of the statue, you need to explore and fight.

Discover the mysterious alien planet where our Principal Engineer, Ellen has crash landed. Avoid the hazards and defeat the enemies lurking within the ancient ruins of this unknown civilization.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Win7 64 bits
    • Processor: i3 460
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX660
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
The prophecy of statues-0
The prophecy of statues-1
The prophecy of statues-2
The prophecy of statues-3
The prophecy of statues-4
The prophecy of statues-5
The prophecy of statues-6
The prophecy of statues-0
The prophecy of statues-1
The prophecy of statues-2
The prophecy of statues-3
The prophecy of statues-4
The prophecy of statues-5
The prophecy of statues-6
Size: 980 MB


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Posted: September 30, 2018
Review based on content
released up to Sept, 30th 2018.


Spoke too soon on my Curator page (that wont happen again). Just finished the first puzzle level. I was under the impression that The prophecy of Statues was still in development.

The translation to English is decent but at times confusing.
And IM not sure but this could be a one dev kind of situation. Which is okay. Everything just takes a lot longer.
The game needs a great deal of work currently, but still held my interest oddly enough. At least until I finished the first level.

The prophecy of statues drops hints at the start but doesn’t hand hold, so you are going to have to really think about your environment and be willing to try things when your stuck.
Pretty basic puzzles but the layout adds a level of challenge for sure. I Had to think for a bit multiple times.
Personally I didn’t find the place holder looking assets much of an issue, but IM sure many will.
My thoughts on the matter are, its a puzzle game.
I am not going to get too crazy over graphics, unless the price of the game is absurdly high.

The second stage? lol. It looks like a completely different game, which concerns me a great deal. Also If your going to advertise a game as relaxing then the graphics and environment do matter quite a lot.
I thought the falling leaves in the first zone were a great touch. And of course the music.
The music in The Prophecy Of Statues has been wonderful so far.
Not much of a story, but that’s okay in this case.
Story ALWAYS makes EVERY game better but certain genera’s get a little slack. Like puzzle solvers. Their goal is to make you think, more than anything else. So a smidg of story is okay as long as the game play holds up.

The puzzles take place in a 3d environment and they vary. So far I’ve come across situational thinking puzzles and jump puzzles but im going to stop there. Not do to lack of interest but rather the content being a bit too rough around the edges. A BIG update or two and im sure id be back at it.


– First level looks nice.
– Great music.
– Though fairly simple, Intriguing puzzles.
– Relaxing first level.


– The game is far from complete.
– Puzzles need work.
– Glitched Floating trees.
– Trees that pop in rather than fade in.
– Drastic drop in level / game quality after the first level.
– Anything viewed up close is out of focus.
– The hue is so bright in the first level looking up you miss details.
– Awful sound effects, especially the walking sound.
– Very little polish.
– Assets seem like Place holder assets (meaning the objects used in game dont fit the world, and seem like they are just there so the Dev can continue programming puzzles. The game has officially released so that is not okay).

Okay, LOL.
The game is playable…. But it has RED FLAGS all over it- IMO.
The first level, and that price, being the big ones.
The Dev might be trying to make the first level look good to get few decent reviews from curators which give up after messing with the first few puzzles in zone one do to confusion, but being that the zone looks so nice they think a real effort was made and would feel bad if they gave it a thumbs down. Intern giving the Dev a few thumbs up and just enough time to make some quick cash.
Not saying that is the case, but… IM leaning in that direction. I hope it isnt the case. Something just doesn’t feel right.
And you would be crazy to pay thirty dollars for this. The content in no way justifies that price tag.
I seriously thought the game was still in development when I was trying it out. Not once did I think The prophecy of Statues was even close to an official release guys.
Just saying.
I might be willing to pay $3 or 4 bucks for it after it gets an overhaul.



The Prophecy of Statues
…………..Gets A……………..

~~~ 5.5 out of 10 ~~~

Michael [UG]

Posted: October 15, 2018
Product received for free

Reviewed By:

What could have been a relaxing indie puzzle game that feels incomplete with inconsistent quality in different levels, poor puzzle designs and a boatload of bugs. Needs more time in the oven.


Posted: October 17, 2018
Product received for free

The developer has changed the game title and removed all the original game files replacing them with nothing. As for now it appears to be abandoned and I would recommend avoiding this game until it is updated again

If you find this review helpful be sure to thumbs up and follow my Curator Page

The Prophecy of Statues: A failed attempt at a puzzle game with potential.

There is something to admire about this game. The main issue with the game right from the beginning is the lack of direction which isn’t helped by the broken english translation. You can figure things out relatively easily though in the first stage. The issue of lack of direction persists into the second stage and that is unfortunately as far as I have gotten at the time of writing. Read Gameplay to understand why that is.


From what I could get out of the game so far the gameplay consists of basic puzzles that don’t need much thought. The About section for the game states you "Use electricity to rotate objects, create electronic planes, or even transparently penetrate objects." You can see some of these features used on the store page of this game. The electricity effect for rotating objects also has the effect of putting you in slow motion which may or may not be useful later in the game. The game is understandably poorly optimised as it seems to be the developers first time with the engine. Sometimes when reloading stages the game with become a stuttering mess. The only remedy for this is to exit the game. Some of the core game mechanics are required on the second level. Unfortunately, the translation in the house on Level 2 was unintelligible and it took me at least 2 hours to figure out how to use some of the features needed to progress. I had thought it was as simple as scrolling on the mouse wheel but that was not the answer. In the second level you can use some of the other features like making a platform to get to some of the puzzle pieces. The way to activating the platforms is by first right clicking so you are in the slow motion mode, from there you use the scroll wheel on your mouse. Unfortunately the translation doesn’t do the game any favors when it comes to directions for the core components of the game. At the time of writing I am still stuck on the second stage. If I progress any more in the game I will update this section

Prophecy of Statues is made using the Unity engine and it is very easy to notice in the second level. It appears all the stages may have a different aesthetic as going from one stage to the next almost feels like you are playing a different game. The menus doesn’t offer much for information other than providing you with basic information about what each option is but not so much about what they do. You can change the graphics settings between 6 or 7 different presets but most just seem to decrease the view distance of trees and other foliage. There is also a brightness setting called "light" in the settings which has 10 different levels ranging from way too bright to kinda dark.


The music in the first stage loops very noticeably, the second map has a loop but it isn’t anywhere near as noticeable as on the first map. There also only appears to be 2 foot step sound effects no matter what terrain you are on. (I believe all the sounds from the player are stock sounds included with the gaia First person controller. Feel free to correct me in the comments if that is wrong) The music on stage 2 isn’t the most annoying but it definitely overstays its welcome very quickly. Most of the sound effects in the game seem to be very compressed or very low resolution recordings and it is immediately noticeable on stage one. Finally the audio does have a option in the menus…unfortunately you can only adjust all audio levels at once instead of having separate options for music, in-game sounds, etc… So there is no way to lower/raise just the music volume without also adjusting all other audio in the game too.

The Story

It is hard to gauge what the story is about as I have only gotten through stage one and I personally don’t think level 1 really has any significance to the overall story but serves more as a introduction to some of the base mechanics of the game. In level 2 it is hinted at that the area you are in is a childhood memory of the characters. Haven’t been able to learn anything beyond that unfortunately. If I progress any more in the game I will update this section

My Opinion

雕像的预言( The prophecy of statues)from my eyes seems to be a cheap asset flip or at the very least is just a not well developed game. Environments change drastically from level to level and a lot of the assets in the game don’t really match up quality wise. Some features like the core game mechanics such as the slow motion ability as well as the electronic planes tool seem to be much higher quality than the terrains and other features in the game. If the translation is improved and the game is given a better sense of direction I will reconsider the game.

In its current state I cannot recommend this game at full price.


In this section, I will try to address any and all updates as soon as I can.

The developer has added some translation fixes that did help me progress in the story a little bit more but unfortunately, the game is still too vague and I have hit another road block. One thing I will note that is really just awful in my opinion is the puzzle in stage 2 (Race). The majority of the quest/puzzle is fine and I have no issue with. The last step though is so ridiculous. You are expected to jump into the lake that kills you after a few seconds and try to grab the last picture/clue before you die. In the event that you miss the picture you spawn at the beginning and have to walk to the last puzzle/clue again. It wouldn’t be as bad if you could stay under water for maybe an additional 5 seconds before dying, but that’s just my opinion. The game still does unfortunately have a loss of direction after you finish the race stage, as you are sent back to the park stage and expected to know what to do as the first thing you are told upon re entering the Park level is "The key is already there. See how you open the door." I really wish I knew what in God’s name the developer was trying to hint at but whatever it is, it definitely went over my head. You are given a clue that you are suppose to reposition all the statues but even after repositioning all the statues nothing seems to happen. I had tried everything from using the abilities to see if you could turn the statues to a different direction or even climbing the big blue statue to see if there was anything hidden, but nothing. Exploring the map and trying to interact with anything didn’t help either. At this point I am stumped and will just have to wait for the dev to either fix a bug possibly, or elaborate a little further as to what the player is suppose to do. The game is still as vague as it was before but there is effort being put in by the developer to update the game and its good to see they are trying.


Posted: October 19, 2018
Product received for free

The game is broken, you can only rotate 2 of the statues, it’s hard to select english as a langauge (random button mashing on the langage button and hoping for the best) Good luck solving the puzzles in any form.

The game looked promising but it is very broken at this point.


Posted: September 30, 2018
Product received for free

Spiffy Bullet Bandits Curator Review

The Prophecy of Statues is a game that depicts itself around spirituality based on a kind of person where you all of a sudden solve puzzles which revlves around the characterisitics by using some forms of energy primarily to shift the puzzles into place

Initially, I can not place too much thought into this game due to the lack of understanding the language although there is potential to expand it as the environment a first person is involved in appears to be almost vibrant but perhaps beyond a little too bright for anyones tastes.

So with the exception of a steep price point it still appears as a promising puzzle adventure, but it does not warrant me enough to give it high praise and it still has room for improvments hence my verdict isn’t quite final.

Many thanks to the developer for providing me with the opportunity to review this game.

Update 03/10: Being made aware that there has been a price adjustment is a good sign but still as for the gameplay, I can only get as far as not being able to progress at a particular point where I might have to wait at least for a valid explanation how we can go further into the game without getting stuck at any point.

Update – 24th of November 2018, changed my stance to negative due to sudden changes to the game. The end result unexpectably occurred as there was a complete overhaul of the game as changes are noticed but there is no game as your installation files are not there, they do not exist hence the developer wiped the files and did a runner so avoid this title, you do not want to be ripped off of a empty, completely blank game.


Posted: November 4, 2018
Product received for free

I could explain in detail the individual problems with this game, but that would take more time than it did to come to this conclusion: do not buy this game at any price. It agressively does not care about your time. Even changing the volume on the one extremely low bit-rate song and bird noise is a huge hassle.