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In the "Taiwu" Universe, besides playing as a "successor of Taiwu", you will live your life in many different ways: being kind, evil, or somewhere between. You can visit the sects and gangs around the world and learn the various martial art styles; you can choose to make sworn brothers or blood feud; you can establish a village of your own and run various businesses; or you can settle down with your love and enter parenthood. Eventually, you will face the greatest enemy of the "Taiwu" family and determine the fate of the entire world.

The Unknown World (Jianghu)

  • Each "Taiwu" world you create will be unique with the randomly generated maps, NPCs, and enemies. Every time you start the game, it will be a brand new adventure.
  • You can learn thousands of martial art techniques from 15 different sects and gangs; you can also learn hundreds of traditional Chinese skills from the countless NPCs.

The Combination of Diverse Game Mechanics

  • Besides classic RPG, *The Scroll of Taiwu* has combined the elements of many different genres, such as the randomness from Roguelike games;

  • You can also find elements of business simulation games: constructing, resource gathering, expanding, managing, crafting, maintaining, etc.

  • Catch the most combative "Grand General" and have a battle of insects with the abbot of the Shaolin Temple!

"Lifelike" NPCs

  • There are thousands of NPCs who have their own relationships and experiences; you can form any kind of relationships with them and even decide whether they live or die.

  • You will have children with your spouse.
  • Coach your successor and teach him/her all your skills.
  • Find your love from a past life.

Detailed Crafting

  • With resource gathering, crafting, maintaining and Chinese alchemy, you can totally make any kind of weapons, armors, and elixirs with your own hands.
  • Pick up an envenomed weapon, put up an envenomed cloth, and eat the envenomed antidote.

Realistic Battles

  • The original battle system will show you the design of "counter striking", "even a stick can be a sword", and "long weapons bring power; short weapons bring danger".
  • Each time you attack, the damage will be applied to a different part of your opponent’s body.
  • With your martial art techniques, run your internal force and practice your skills and strategies.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64 bit
    • Processor: 2.50GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: HD4400
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 1600×900 Screen Resolution
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-0
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-1
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-2
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-3
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-4
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-5
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-6
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-7
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-8
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-9
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-10
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-11
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-12
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-13
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-14
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-15
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-0
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-1
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-2
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-3
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-4
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-5
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-6
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-7
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-8
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-9
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-10
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-11
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-12
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-13
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-14
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu-15
Size: 210 MB


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Sadron’s Protracted Frisson

Posted: October 11, 2018
Early Access Review

We need English!


Posted: September 26, 2018
Early Access Review

For some reason I found this game is more addictive than any other games I played before, include Rimworld and M&B.

It’s an extremely complex Wu Xia/Kong Fu world simulator. Managing your own village, learning new style from different guides and practicing them, finding a good partner and get married, those are just some examples from the huge amount of actions this game allows you to do.

And the story doesn’t end when your character dies. Taiwu has a sophisticate inherit system, and which is actually one of the core elements in this game. It’s not posible to beat the game within one or two generations. Selecting and cultivating your inheritor carefully to make sure the next generation is stronger than the last, is a necessary and fun part of the game.

It is also a living world. In such a small game, hundreds of charactors have their own everyday life and relations just like yourself. Like in Crusader Kings, charactors don’t really have very complex AI but the way the system work make you think they are alive. If you pay attention to NPCs’ life, you would find many interesting storys that can be a Wuxia fiction by themselves.

The combat system is not completed yet. The current system favors those styles that causing directly injure rather than debuff. So some famous style is totally unuseable in the game(Tai Ji is a lie!!). The KongFu system is too huge to describe by simply writing about it, you would have to try to understand how it work. Let me put it in this way: it fullfill every wet dream you ever had about a world of KongFu(more precisely, WuXia).

The UI is anti-human, it must be change. Saving is not stable. Considering how much time and energy you could put on one family line, it is simply unacceptable to see your save break.

As an early access, the developer already let us see enough potential. Thank you and please keep going. Hire a professional programmer if you can afford please, because you deserve a rest and the game deserve a better frame.


Posted: October 1, 2018
Early Access Review

I hope this review/introduction is helpful to those non-Chinese speaker but interested by the the trailer.
According to the develop team, the mechanics and frame of this game is 90% complete, but only 30% content is covered for the current version. Still, I already spent 100+ hours of my time in a week since this game was released. The Scroll of Taiwu is definitely one of the best independent rougelike games I’ve ever played, and it’s my most anticipated strategy RPG in near future.
The game is based on an ancient Chinese Wuxia world-set, but perhaps borrowed some concepts of Chthulhu which makes it an interesting mix: There is a threatening being known as Xiangshu (相枢), which slowly corrupt people’s mind and once nearly destroyed the whole world. And the characters you play are the successor of Taiwu (太吾), who hold a Saint Sword (伏虞剑) and are supposed to stop Xiangshu and save the world. The work will continue for generations, so after the first character dies (get killed or just reach his/her age), you’ll play his/her successor, who could either be the son/daughter, or a companion you had (your decision to make). The skill you learnt will be passed on by the Saint Sword, but because each character has his/her unique status which may or may not be suitable for the build you planned, you should plan very carefully before making decision about the successor of your current character.
The game is a turn-based sandbox RPG, similar to Taiko Rissiden, you spend your action point practicing skill, visiting different places for adventure, or collecting your resources to build your base (Taiwu Village). After all your action points spent, you enter the next month and may encounter random events depending on what you did and who is standing next to you. There are two different types of skill trees: one is fighting skill and the other one is your life skill, for both skills, you need to collect relevant skill books to learn, and practice/breakthrough in an appropriate building (both require your action point). In current version, there are 15 factions in the game where you can learn different skills, but you can only learn the very basic ones at the beginning until you earn enough support from other members in the faction to unlock the next tire. Furthermore, ‘learning’ the martial art (fighting skill) is merely the very first step, in order to master each skill you also need to meet different requirements, which can be a life skill, or your character stats (by the way, you do not simply gain exp and ‘level up’ in this game, you only get a higher stat by ‘equip’ a skill you learnt)
I’m not going too deep to the complex fighting mechanics, which may worth a whole wiki site to explain, and I’m going to list a couple of other things you might find interesting:
1.Completely random but interesting interactions between npc: all NPCs in this game live their own life (or even next-life) which may or may not has anything to do with you. They fall in love, get married and have a family, become enemy or best buddy with other NPCs. Although there isn’t much lines they speak (which may because this game is still in Beta version), but it makes you feel that each character has a unique personality and life.
2.Beautiful but somewhat realistic Martial art combat display: finally, the martial art skill is no longer one slash followed by a beam of laser or something. I also believe each fighting skill has a unique animation.
3.Cricket Fight: You gotta catch ’em all!
As I said a number of times, this is still an early access version so the game still have a number of things need to be improved: NPC’s AI and their action is a bit too random and sometimes seems ‘very wrong’, the content in late game might be a little repetitive, the game only automatically save after each term and sometimes you have to be a save-scum to roll the best results. And most importantly, this game only has Chinese sub at this moment and probably for a while. But please understand and give the develop team just a little more time (considering it only has 4 formal members in the team up to this point, and believe or not, they are basically self-funded during the process of developing), there will be a masterpiece in one or two years.


Posted: December 20, 2018
Early Access Review

A review for English speakers:

There is a straightforward mod made by TeddyForest, that you can find on the steam discussion boards. It translates more than enough of the game to make good sense of it. Without the slightest clue on Chinese language or culture I’m sailing.

This is one of the best games in my library. It gives me the same kind of "I’ll never need another game" feeling that xcom2 and rimworld gave me (though obvs it’s nothing like either of them). There is so much depth in building your village and character, and progressing throughout the game, learning all the different martial arts.I’m completely hooked. There’s an amazing balance between just living in your village, studying the arts and fighting skills while building up support, and going out adventuring in the world, taking on villains and testing out your long studied skills. Simply working out the mechanics is like figuring out a whole new world, and very satisfying once you get the right combinations working. (While in the meantime becoming a chess grandmaster and fathering a brood of children one of which you will probably one day be playing as).

Highly recommended.

Plus… the crickets. 🙂


Posted: November 21, 2018
Early Access Review

We need English translations!!!


Posted: September 29, 2018
Early Access Review



Posted: September 26, 2018
Early Access Review

WE NEED ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted: October 13, 2018
Early Access Review

Eng trans plz :((


Posted: October 5, 2018
Early Access Review



Posted: October 5, 2018
Early Access Review

We need English!!!
We need German!!!


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