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About This Game

Get ready to kill low-life drug dealers, notorious crime bosses and anyone who stands in your way as you seek revenge for your father’s murder.

The Slater is a story-driven first-person stealth-action-puzzle game that puts you in the shoes of a former cop Mark Slater, whose father gets murdered while investigating a new designer drug D-Pain. Now is your chance to eliminate everyone involved with his murder, and everyone who had anything to do with the new designer drug. Be prepared to assassinate your targets one by one.

Use stealth-based tactics to get the upper hand on your enemies and take them out. Think your enemies as puzzle pieces. How do you get past the guards? Who do you kill and how? Think carefully before you make your move or you are the one ending up dead. The Slater is brought to you by Alessandro Laina, the sole man behind Laina Interactive.

  • Explore the atmospheric environments, gather information of your enemies, kill a guard and obtain their clothes, blend in, play smart and without anyone witnessing – Eliminate your targets.
  • Use your environment to your advantage. Observe and create distractions to lure enemies. Kill them and obtain their clothes. Carry their bodies and hide them. Pick up useful key cards and access codes. Climb ladders or crawl through ventilation shafts and surprise your enemies.
  • Multiple ways to approach your targets. Seek for an opportunity and use your bare hands or a silenced handgun.
  • 6 unique levels with dark atmosphere and multiple objectives. Complete the objectives in any order you like.
  • Rating system and possibility to complete all levels without killing anyone but the targets.
  • Story-driven: Who is producing the new designer drug and who murdered your father?
  • Cinematic and atmospheric cutscenes.
  • Stealth in the truest sense – Think your next move carefully. No checkpoint saving and loading.
  • Failure is not an option. Once you set off an alarm, guards will hunt you down until you are dead.
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 750 Ti
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 11 GB available space
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The Slater-0
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Posted: September 20, 2018
If you like Hitman and Death To Spies you should definately get this one as well.

Levels are well designed and missions are cleverly put together, especially in the later missions.
Just don’t expect a triple A game, it shows and i can see some people being put off by this.
But it runs smooth, alt-tabs without issues.
And it’s just fun being a hitman.


Posted: December 1, 2018
“Potential FPS stealth-puzzle hitman game with passion from spiritual successor”

The Slater is an indie game heavily gets influenced from Hitman gameplay and Max Payne 3 storytelling style. You play as Mark Slater who track down infamous drug dealer and discover the truth behind his father’s death.

The story is quite engaging and well-present via high quality models and cinematography. Mark is less chatty protagonist, violent, and alcoholic. It reminisces the character like Max Payne in interesting way. There are some cheesy lines, making The Slater like watching B crime film.

The Slater gameplay will take you in first-person perspective, provide briefing and target at the beginning of each level. The game involved around learning environment and blend in order to approach the target. Player can change equipment by opening inventory. As long as you don’t bring from holster, you remain undetected. You can distract NPC using environment to sneak in or get proper costume for restricted area. The combination of puzzle element and stealth movement makes The Slater fun and rewarding. Killing only targets without harming other NPC will grant you highest rating especially on hard mode where the game increase number of NPCs and camera. The game also encourage player to approach smartly as there is no save during each level (like old Hitman professional mode). Each level can be complete in 5-20 mins and it get shorten once you learn the route.

There are total six levels from strip club to classy hotel. The complexity and design are impressive (some reminded me of Hitman: Blood Money). The world is dark, moody, and atmospheric as strongest element of the game although the game might suffer from clone face NPCs.

Sound design is also great and solid even though it doesn’t affect gameplay directly (guard won’t detect if you’re running, line of sight will). Soundtracks that create metaphorical sense of darkness and mystery.

My biggest gripe of The Slater is the way you approach NPCs. There’s no option to subdue NPCs, choke them from behind always kill NPC and deduct your rating (sometimes I wonder Mark is murderer more than cop). Limit player option to sneak pass. Most targets limit to one specific method to approach and kill (choke or pistol). There is no accidental kill or equipment to support creativity. I feel like it wastes opportunity on great level design and affect replayability. Another point is once guard alerts, you can’t fight back as all guards in map will know your position. Your slow motion when shoot target extend your fire rate more than help you from sticky situation.

The Slater takes bit of good part of Hitman and execute in different approach. It’s quite intense, reward, and fun as stealth-puzzle game despite of gameplay design. There is room to extend more mechanics and completely cooperate with levels. I recommend to fans of FPS stealth genre. It’s not triple A product, but a project with passion.

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Posted: January 16
A fantastic Hitman clone with a first person perspective.

Admittedly, the story is a little cliche and cheesy but I honestly thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough of The Slater. It is very short, only 6 missions long but I got a decent 12+ hours out of it in my attempt to get 100% achievements. Meaning, if you play this like you’d play Hitman for Silent Assassin, you’ll definitely enjoy this game. If you’re more of a run and gun type, you’ll likely fall flat on your face with this title.

In what I like to refer to as ‘The Dark Age of Steam’, where more and more titles flood in that are complete and utter tripe, it’s hard to trust where to put your money but with The Slater, if you’re a fan of stealth titles in general, it’s well worth the investment. Although short, it’s got many qualities you don’t see with many Indie games these days, such as full voice acting (although limited in areas when it comes to non-story specific NPCs), above average graphics, a full story with an ending, A.I. which could be improved but works without issue and most importantly, fantastic gameplay mechanics.

There was only one downside to when I started playing The Slater which was the inability to rebind my keys to my usual First Person preferences but upon making a request, the developers have quickly rectified this for me in a recent update, to which I’m eternally grateful for, as I’m sure are many others. I encountered one bug during my 12+ hours of play in which an NPC got stuck so all in all, while slight improvements can be made, there’s nothing terribly gamebreaking and I’m ecstatic to see new games within the Hitman-esque Stealth genre coming to light.

I hope to see new missions added within future updates but if this doesn’t happen, I’ll still feel like I got my money’s worth for this great game. Hats off to Laina Interactive.


Posted: September 21, 2018
The Slater is an ambitious, entertaining and a very flawed game.

+The atmosphere really helps make the game interesting. Each level has a bleak and dark ambience to it, not unlike Hitman Absolution. Each level has a very different feel to it, making each level stand out on their own. It is also interesting to find all the dark secrets hidden inside each level.
+The disguise system is enjoyable. Each level increases the amount of disguises you can use and the game requires you to change disguise constantly so you can access different locations. It is also fun just to try out different disguises, even those of civilians. This is something I haven’t seen in a game since Codename 47.
+The levels are quite different. Even when a level reuses a similar setting, (bars and hotels turn up twice) they have different designs and create a distinct atmosphere.
+Levels 2,4 and 5. These three levels are extremely fun to play. As a fan of Blood money’s ‘A new Life,’ it was awesome to see another assassination game take place in the suburbs. Level 4 was challenging and very satisfying with a brilliant level design and level 5 was very open ended and unique, with several different types of locations scattered throughout the map.
+The pre mission briefings were fun to read, as they helped give slightly more insight into your targets. Some of the backstories were very intriguing.
+The level design throughout was fairly large, allowing you to take multiple paths towards your targets. I enjoyed how each level got slightly more complicated as it went on.

-The characters were awful. Mark Slater was a one dimensional character who I didn’t feel any connection towards.
-The story wasn’t much better. While it was decently written, it was incredibly predictable.
-The dialogue was very hit and miss. Some of the dialogue fit in well with the atmosphere and some of it was cheesy enough to ruin the tone.
-One flaw this game shares with Absolution is its excess. While level 4 was a very good level, somebody needs to tell the swimmers to wear a towel under their robes.
-The game is way too short. For its price, it offers decent gameplay but it is over way too quickly. This game could end up being a serious hitman contender if it had several more levels of increased complexity.
-Some of the levels weren’t particularly memorable. Level 6 was a bit boring, borrowing too heavily from other games. It also came after level 4 and 5, two of the strongest missions in the game.

Conclusion: The Slater is a very fun game and I applaud the developer for putting so much effort into this game. While I would recommend it, I would also advise you to go in with a bit of caution. At the very least, it should keep you entertained, but unless the game recieves more updates, it’s going to be forgotten as soon as hitman season 2 comes out.


Posted: February 5
Its the The the The Slater. Time to knock back some Godbeers and head down to Boobsies


Posted: September 29, 2018
This was an unexpected treat. It is how Hitman used to be and should have been. The amount of missions are about the same as in the most recent Hitman game, albeit smaller. Playability is good.

The graphics are dated and look like Hitman Blood Money, but it’s not a problem for immersion.

The most impressive thing about the game is that the developer has patched (within days) nearly all major complaints people have mentioned. This shows that the developer is not only concerned with making a good game, but also takes the customers seriously.

I enjoyed the game and will follow the developer closely for what comes next.


Posted: September 24, 2018
The Slater
A short but enjoyable Hitman clone that excels graphically. The omission of a save feature will be a plus for some and a minus for others. One thing is for sure the tension really builds knowing one mistake will be your last.

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Amazing graphics. Detailed environments. Felt AAA.
Great sound and voice acting
Cleverly designed levels
Dare I say no save points during missions


No controller Support.
A lot of the characters had the same faces which ruined immersion sometimes.

Ben Slater is a cop who is shot dead on his driveway after getting too close to the truth. Police suspect it is drug dealers peddling a new designer drug called D-Pain. His son Mark is determined to find and eliminate everyone associated with the drug and avenge his father’s death.


There are six levels to the game and completing the game with all the achievements will take you around 9 hours or less.

At the start of each mission you are presented with a briefing. This gives you a brief explanation of the mission, which targets you need to eliminate and what tasks you need to complete.

You begin the mission with a pair of gloves and a pistol. You don’t obtain any other weapons in the game apart from one mission where you obtain a specialized piece of equipment.

On your game screen you will see a mini map which shows your location, your target’s location, civilian and guard locations and sometimes it will point out items of interest. You get a different map for each floor or building, and this shows the target’s movement around the area.

Sometimes you will need to watch the movement of your target to see where and when he is alone. You can only kill a target when they are alone. Any witness to a murder will instantly raise the alarm and your game will be over and you will have to restart the level. Levels can be quite long, especially the last level which took me 90 minutes. There is also no save option within the current level so one mistake ends your game. This really ramps up the tension levels and means you become uber cautious. If you do have to restart the level however, you will learn the location of items and movements of targets, so it becomes quicker on the next playthrough. The levels are always the same.

On most occasions, you will need to wait for your target to lose their security entourage before you can kill them. This is usually when they enter their hotel room or office. The guards will be outside the room, so you need to find an alternative route. Climbing on rooftops, balconies or through air vents are the usual ways to gain access and eliminate your target without anyone raising the alarm. Once you have killed your target or anyone else you will need to hide the body. If anyone locates a dead body the alarm is raised. Luckily there are plenty of different places you can hide a body including lockers, chests, and wardrobes.

Carrying a dead body really slows you down so sometimes you will need to plan where you are going to hide it. Carrying a dead body any distance is really nail biting as you go so slow you are worried someone is going to catch you in the act.

Targets and items will invariably be in secure areas of the building where only certain people can enter. Sometimes areas are restricted to staff or guards and other areas require key cards or VIP passes. On certain levels you will need to disarm surveillance cameras and metal detectors.

To access these areas, you will need to find the correct entry cards or wear the correct uniform. Passes are either located on civilians, staff or guards or sometimes left on tables or in lockers. You will need to choke people to obtain the passes or to wear their uniform, and then hide their body. Once you have the pass or uniform you need you will be able to enter the restricted areas.

To disarm cameras, you can discretely shoot them or find the computer terminal which deactivates them. Metal detectors will need to be deactivated by computer terminal also.

Quite often you will need to use the map to watch guards’ movements to see if they are approaching. You can distract a guard to make him divert from his usual pattern by sabotaging pieces of equipment that he has to then go and fix. Once he is alone you can strangle him and take his uniform and pass.

You will not be able to approach any level with all guns blazing. This is purely a stealth game. If anyone sees you shoot anyone else the game ends instantly. For example, if there are only two people in a room you won’t be able to quickly fire two bullets. As soon as you kill the first person the game will end because the second person saw you shoot the first person.

The description says there are some puzzle elements to the game. I would have to disagree with this. The only things I can remotely say were puzzle orientated were finding pieces of paper with codes on which you entered on keypads or safes, finding alternative routes to enter rooms and distracting guards by sabotaging equipment. They’re not really puzzles though!

The levels were nicely designed and some of the alternative routes and objects were cleverly hidden. The difficulty level is perfect and the inclusion of a save point would make the game too easy. You will learn from any mistakes you make and if you are careful you will succeed eventually.

There is no native controller support for this game at all. I used a piece of software that emulated a controller and I was successful in mapping all keys to my Xbox 360 gamepad. I completed the game using my controller without any issues. This is a major minus in my opinion however.


Voice acting is very good although the main character does sound too much like Batman! In game sound effects are excellent.


WOW. For a £10 game the graphics are amazing. They really feel like they belong in a AAA game. The only drawback is that a lot of the people have the same faces which is a shame. There is so much detail wherever you look however, and I was really impressed.

I really enjoyed this game. If you like the Hitman type genre, then I would recommend this one. There’s a lot of stealth involved and not much shooting action. It’s a tad short at about 5-9 hours but it’s a tense ride with wonderful visuals and requires a methodical approach to complete.

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Posted: November 24, 2018
It’s a hitman clone but it’s fun and less punishing. Worth the money but don’t expect a AAA experience.


Posted: September 20, 2018
Excellent game,similar to Hitman except in first person mode,good level design


Posted: September 20, 2018
Product received for free

A good game for the Devs first IP. The best way to describe the gameplay is first person Hitman. The cutscene production is excellent in this game, it really set the tone and had me invested in what was going on with the story, you can tell there is alot of effort that has gone into making this the best game they could have made, like all games there are always a few things to moan about.
When you die at any point in a mission, it puts you straight back to the start of the level, this might make some people rage quit but once you have the map knowledge the levels are pretty fast to complete. Even though i really like the game i was disappointed with the AI in this game, the lack of intelligence really takes away the reward of killing a target.

Closing notes – The AI does let this game down but that aside this is still a solid game, the level design, sound, character movement and cutscense should all be applauded

Here is my level 1 run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3VHrn5XJ0M
catch me live at www.twitch.tv/silentpepe