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About This Game

Explore an unknown and abandoned world. Each step, each puzzle, brings you closer to discovering the history and secrets of a lost civilization. Can you find the light?

There The Light is a short single-player, first-person puzzle exploration game. The game is split into 4 separate linear levels, each takes you deeper into the heart of the planet. I wanted to create an immersive world where story, visuals and music are merged together in interesting and creative ways. There The Light features 50 puzzles, and a soundtrack that grows and forms based on the interactions that you make in-game.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Quad Core – 2.2GHZ
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 // ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Onboard
There The Light-0
There The Light-1
There The Light-2
There The Light-3
There The Light-4
There The Light-5
There The Light-6
There The Light-7
There The Light-0
There The Light-1
There The Light-2
There The Light-3
There The Light-4
There The Light-5
There The Light-6
There The Light-7
Size: 1.2 GB


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Lilly (◠‿◠)

Posted: May 31
Product received for free

There The Light takes the player on a mystical journey through the abandoned ruins of a long lost civilization. The mystery of who these people were and what caused them to leave this world remains unsolved even after the end of the game, although there are hints indicating what actually happened. At the same time, the game leaves a lot of space for personal interpretation or various speculations, the story being conveyed solely through the numerous inscriptions and drawings that one can find on the walls of the surrounding temples. One thing is certain though: this advanced civilization left behind a series of puzzles and enigmatic mechanisms.

The game is linear, leading the player towards the heart of an ancient temple one room at a time. In order to unlock the door to the next room, you will need to solve 2-3 puzzles of various difficulties, none of them being extremely challenging, especially after you understand what the mechanisms are. No matter if it’s just reproducing a constellation pattern or playing with various rotating mechanisms that influence each other, the game was designed solely to provide a relaxing experience, therefore you will not sweat trying to solve any of these puzzles.

The strongest aspect of the game is the overall mysterious atmosphere that the visuals entwined with an amazing soundtrack emanate. The lighting is a core element of the design (since all the mechanisms seem to use “light” as an energy source) and not only that – “There The Light” sounds to me a lot like “Let There Be Light” which is pretty symbolic for the history page that the game’s story conveys. The inscriptions on the walls hint at the fact that this advanced civilization were masters of harnessing the power of light into electricity and maybe even taught the inhabitants of this planet how to use it.

Overall, There The Light is a pretty amazing and artsy experience, alas a very short one. After 1h 30m I had finished the game and it left me wanting more, hoping for at least a sequel if not for an extension of the game. One downside is that the high price might demotivate people to buy it and therefore prevent them from coming into contact with this little gem, but I do strongly suggest giving it a chance if you have the means to do so, even more so if it’s discounted.

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Posted: May 31
I really wish I didn’t have to choose either thumbs up or down. My recommendation is heavily caveated and can be seen more as encouragement for the dev who I think has a lot to offer, but did not quite stick the landing on this particular game. Now to the actual review.

Overall, I would say it’s very nice audio-visual experience and a terrible puzzle game.
The formula is pretty clear cut: You wander through the ruins of an unknown civilisation who for some reason felt it would be very fun to hide their entire history locked behind a series of puzzles. The problem is that the puzzles barely qualify as such, as they are far too easy and mostly consist of copying patterns.
It’s not a terribly original concept, but the gorgeous visuals and the very nice music absolutely make up for that (though I could have done without the more fleshed out songs since they took me out of the world a bit). It’s clear that a lot of love and passion went into the art for this game, and if you’re only in it for that, then I would wholeheartedly recommend this game. But if you’re mostly in it for the puzzles, and just enjoy having them presented in a more engaging way with some added mystery on top, then I would pass on this one. It’s no The Witness, rather it’s more akin to something like Monument Valley where the puzzles aren’t really meant to challenge you as much as gently guide you through the world.

It’s a good first outing, and it’s clear the dev is a very talented artist. I just hope they manage to find their footing in the gamification of the beautiful aesthetics. If this game does well, maybe they can hire a puzzle designer if they plan on making similar games in the future? Best of luck to the dev, and I will definitely be keeping an eye on them!


Posted: May 31
There The Light gives you 90 minutes of evocative exploration and exceedingly gentle puzzle solving. If that’s worth it to you, by all means, go for it. But when I say gentle, I mean it. The game is a light diversion, meant to pleasantly occupy the players time, which it succeeds at doing. It didn’t frustrate me, but it didn’t challenge me either. When it comes to puzzles, there were some really interesting core concepts, but they weren’t given the space to develop into anything capable of thrilling the intellect. There were ‘aha…’ moments. But no ‘Eureka!’ moments. And I suppose there weren’t intended to be, as this game is designed above all to be accessible and relaxing.

On the plus side, It might just be perfect for kids. When I was a kid I played games like Myst, and got really frustrated and had to look up the answers. I just might have been able to handle this one! I would heartily recommend this to my former self.


Posted: May 31
Product received for free

A charming atmospheric puzzler, with a sense of wonder and mystery – well worth a try!


Posted: May 31
Product received for free

A short but sweet first person puzzler. I really enjoyed the puzzles, the atmosphere, the minimalistic but very nice looking graphics and especially the music. The "soundtrack that grows and forms based on the interactions that you make in-game" is a really cool mechanic!

The price of the game might be a lil’ bit steep considering the length of the game, but I still do recommend checking it out, just maybe when it goes on sale.


Posted: May 31
Relaxing first-person puzzle game with a refined soundtrack throughout and simple puzzles to solve. Overall, I’d recommend it for its price, as I wouldn’t otherwise if it was priced higher because of the limited content.

– Calming soundtracks that fit the atmosphere of the game and adapt as you progress along to different worlds.
– Great visuals and environment, with each world distinctly having its own style/theme and each planet introducing its own category of puzzles.
– Good value for money for a puzzle game of its type.

– Very limited content with short game play. I managed to finish it in around an hour and a half only because I was enjoying the scenery and taking my time. If someone was in it just to solve the puzzles and move it, it could easily be finished in an hour or less.
– Variety of puzzles is highly limited. There are about 4-5 different types of puzzles max, with everything recycled in between.
– Lack of story/narration. This was a bit misleading from the game description as there is no narration or information about the places you’re visiting aside from the architecture and left-over relics. The purpose of our character and why he’s there isn’t really defined.
– Puzzles are on the easy side, and hence the fast progression. Don’t expect to spend more than 5-10 minutes on even the hardest puzzles towards the end.


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