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About This Game


With features of roguelike and metroidvania,players of Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial fight their way up in the world of a giant tower with random modules. Different terrains are found in the towers, and there is exploration to do and challenges to overcome. Due to a contract between our heroine Erza and a demon, Erza is beamed back to the original start every time she dies. As time loops, Erza, becomes a strong fighter who can make her way to her target.


  • 2.5d toon render side-scroller game that exhibits fluent motion display.

  • smooth control: a dodge may cancel punish, and strength and direction can be fine-tuned for jumps.

  • Soul-like actions: supplies are limited; footsie and dodge are key factors and every move and weapon has its own magic.

  • Each weapon has its ownfeatures a combo with which: you can combine light and heavy blows and switch from attack andto dodge.
  • The classic order system from Castlevania is incorporated: special weapon skills and magic are triggered by simple commands.
  • Take advantage of the special rune core system: in every adventure, the player can choose to foster a certain passive skill.
  • licence system: acquire licences based on your clearance speed and the achievement of different conditions. These licences can be used for other purposes beyond display.
  • Explore hidden elements: hidden passages that can be destroyed and sealed doors that must be opened using a corresponding colour key and that are full of dangers.


In the world of Tower Hunter, countless warriors have already gone before you to challenge the unsolved secrets of the tower, but they failed.

A mischievous god is lord of the tower. Cards appear after bosses are defeated.

The empire grants different levels of licences to the warriors exploring the tower, according to the rarity of the cards they have collected. These licences bring with them status and power. Nobles have gone to the tower to compete for status and glory, but none have been as fortunate as our heroine Erza.
In her childhood, Erza became bonded with a demon, who grants her another chance at life each time she dies. Due to this special ability, Erza can explore frontiers that no one has ever seen.
One common feature of roguelike games is that there is no checkpoint where progress can be saved, and players must lose everything if their character dies. This basic design is followed here, but players can still accumulate a certain proportion of resources during the course of each adventure, and these can be used to acquire more skills and send characters to new stages, where they develop and become stronger. The more familiar the player becomes with gameplay, the more practised the response and battle skills are and the stronger and better equipped the heroine is, the further the player can go in the tower.
This game is the prologue to Tower Hunter, which tells the story of how Erza the Sword Maiden became Empire’s youngest Major. What is in store for her? Stay tuned!
    • OS: Win 7 64bit / Win 8 / Win 10
    • Processor: Intel(R)Core i3 2.7GHz
    • Memory: 4000 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460/Radeon HD 5800 or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 4000 MB available space
    • Sound Card: at will
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Tower Hunter: Erza
Size: 650 MB


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Posted: April 13
Early Access Review

There was no choice.

+ Female protagonist.
+ Metroidvania and Rogue-like in one!
+ Playable with a controller.
+ Character customization.

– Few bugs that may affect the experience.

What are you buying?

This is the story of a sword maiden cursed with a contract between her and a demon that will loop her day if she fails on her task. This way she can train and train till she becomes a hero.

The task that she must do is to defeat all the enemies she finds in a mysterious tower that one day appeared in the middle of nowhere, waiting for someone to discover what is inside. So far a lot of warriors have tried to conquer the tower without any success; here, is when Erza highlights herself.

As a Metroidvania, you won’t be told where to go, so you will have to explore everything till you find your way to the next place. Now, there is no backtracking, meaning that you will have to start from the beginning if you want to explore a new area with a recently unlocked ability. On the other hand, sometimes, you will have two ways to access the same places, both of them require a certain skill. This can be useful when you only have one of them, or you do want to save what it cost to use that path.

We will have a map along with us which tiles will be revealed as we explore the entire dungeon. This way, we can keep track of places we have been and those we haven’t yet for reasons like taking other paths; this map will be cleared if we enter the tower again.

To save or not to save
The basics of this genre have always been about dying and starting from the beginning. This can be very frustrating when you are fighting the last boss, and you accidentally die and have to start from the first ladder; A save point will be implemented in the future, so users can choose where they want to start.

A lot of people would like it old school but on the other hand, the other lot wouldn’t mind getting a save point sometimes.

As the genre suggests, you can find secret passages all over the map; those won’t hide anything new but extra enemies to fight against and chests to open (mostly if we have the right keys for each door). It took me time till I discovered how these hidden passages looked-like and in the end, the reward wasn’t good enough, so there is no encouragement on searching for those at the moment.

Cores and chips
One of the little main sources to obtain power and get stronger the more you progress through the dungeon, there are five magic cores every level, that will allow us to increase our stats vastly (getting all of them, we could triple our original health and defense), motivating the player to explore every corner of the dungeon in order to last longer.

On the other hand, we have chips. Those almost work exactly the well-known Nier: Automata game, being able to equip a certain amount that can be upgraded the more you play. Depending on your playstyle you will find a way to fit all chips on your limited space or not. The bad side of this is that you will lose all cores and parts of your chips after death.

Content and price
In this Early Access, there are only three bosses, and I managed to speedrun all of them in less than 45 minutes, this was made with conventional equipment and experience with combos. It took me around seven hours to gather all of this, so for three bosses, it is not bad at all.

All the available content can extend the gameplay to 15-17 hours of duration, meaning that on this point you will have everything upgraded and ready for new updates.

Now, this is a combination really worth the actual price(€13) since there is not a great amount of competition, at least in steam. The price will increase when Early Access ends for this game, that’s another reason.

On this early access, you will have some achievements that will encourage you to speedrun the game (to finish the three bosses in a certain reduced amount of time). Along with that, in order to obtain the current 100%, you will be asked to fully upgrade your character and kill an insane number of enemies. All content will be expanded after Early access so completing this will give us a very big advantage when we have full access to the rest of the dungeons.

I actually managed to get all current story related achievements after my first attempt to speedrun the dungeons, all of this with decent chips and equipment.

Some chests won’t be able to be opened, making us miss some important equipment.

On the other hand, some enemies and animations are loud as hell, so I recommend not playing at full volume yet. There were a little bit more bugs that I could count, but all of those have been fixed in weekly updates, so these should disappear sooner as well.

One of the things I would like to have since the beginning would be able to choose a difficulty level, there is none and when you are already overpowered it doesn’t feel challenging enough.

Definitely a pick for those who like to move around any of these two genres( Rogue-like and Metroidvania), which has a lot of updates to come. All I suggest is to get the game on Early Access in order to support the developers, so they can expand the content of the game. On the other hand, this is a good Metroidvania for those who don’t know much about the genre, since it gives an attractive and modern design. This genre is not my cup of tea but the way the game has been developed made me stay and play till the end.

RATING: 7/10 [Early Access Rating]


Posted: November 30, 2018
Product received for free

Early Access Review

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Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial is a hack-n-slash platformer rogue-lite (I’m going to use that term; it’s pretty much up to interpretation between like/lite) kind of game with a lot of action and a mix of some good games I’ve played. The first thing I thought of was Dead Cells. There is heavy inspiration from this game, from the collect and drop into skills/abilities, to the style of gameplay, the health replenishment system, etc. I think anyone who has played and enjoyed that game will like this one a whole lot as well.

While I don’t personally consider this a true metroidvania – at least not so far as I’ve played at the moment, I see it as instead more like a hack-n-slash experience. Finding random drop keys to open doors, opening chests, adding various ability chips along the way, and also finding random secondary attack and primary weapon drops placed in random spots on the map, or in the shop areas, which you can then purchase with your crystals (if you so choose) as currency with each and every run. These same crystals can be used to boost up your other skills with each rest spot as well, so they are useful to hang onto if possible. There are three types of main weapons as well, with different advantages and disadvantages. From there, it comes down to customized strategies with adding/equipping accordingly based on how you want to play.

The above premise is nicely executed so far. I’ve had some enjoyable gameplay, but I will say it can become tedious and frustrating. This is the case for me right now. I will mention the first major boss, due to it creating a sort of invincibility shield after almost every type of attack I try to use on it. Hits potentially hard, and has a lot of overall health. Getting there takes a while. The good news is that you can rest before each area, and drop off your crystals into whatever types of available upgrades you’re going for. You’ll lose a certain percentage of your crystals every time you die, so there isn’t a lot of reason to hold onto them if you can invest them. There are shops near the rest spots that are possibly worth examining before you spend them all in each rest area as well.

Early on, you’ll die much more. Takes time and is a bit grindy getting to a point where you have the ability to make real progression. Once you start to invest in leveling up some skills you want to use more, you will gradually improve your chances of survivability though.


The graphics are pretty, and movements seem nice and fluid. I like seeing the evolution of this since the beginning. The controlling kind of ties in, and now has gotten a lot tighter and more responsive, and the game feels better as it has gotten more work done on it over time.

There is an RPG element where you add your crystals to other possible augments. Whether it’s equippable chips, magical abilities, weapons and secondary pickups, or your overall general abilities and skills. It gives you a goal to raise them, increasing your chances at successful progression. This is also fairly addictive to work at improving.

It’s pretty action-packed and the levels feel great right off the bat. It’s enjoyable and as I mentioned before, the controls got better after initial releases and some fixes.

Development has been good on getting things rolling when there have been problems. It gets better as new things get implemented. I am looking forward to seeing where and how far it will go.

The pickups are fun to collect, and the randomized nature keeps that a little more interesting. Having the two secondary attacks on trigger buttons (when using controller) is very much like Dead Cells.

Though death is death, for the most part, and you have to return to the beginning upon your health running out, there are ways to heal yourself if you are not being attacked. You can also dodge with a dash-type mechanic, and there is a shielding and invincibility pickup that can be helpful as well in a real pinch, if one wants to use one of the two slots available for such abilities.

There are also chips, which have an equip limit number or amount, as each one you add has a specified value to it. Some chips can be quite beneficial, some supporting stats, others one time uses when parameters are met once. You can mix and match as they drop, or are found or bought. As you collect more, you can add these various upgrades as long as they fall within the total capacity limit. You can also upgrade your chip system to carry more if you invest crystals in those areas; the chip equip cost is decreased, for instance. There are a decent array of types in the game right now, some being very common, and others fairly rare.

I like the map. It’s pretty easy to follow. Maps are one of my favorite things in games! This one is pretty clear and straight-forward.

I’m unsure of how the hair and costume changing system will develop, but I’m glad this is added as of now, and looking forward to additional customization here.


It can feel a little bit repetitive having to start from the beginning, with some random chips equipped from the last run after each death. Same enemies, same attacks, and you rinse and repeat.

I found it a bit grindy and redundant playing the beginning levels over and over for more crystals to power up things that can build up through colleting crystals.

The game is a bit frustrating for me right now, so I stopped playing. After some getting used to the game, you begin to coast through the first parts, then encounter this particular boss, and it constantly shields itself, and it’s hard to get much damage in edgewise. So, as far as that goes, I’d love to have a bit more of a gradual curve in difficulty, rather than the drastic spike. It’s a bit unforgiving, usually resulting in death, which means having to start back over, hammering back to my original point in the cons list. Perhaps there is some strategy I am unaware of, but I haven’t really found much that’s been helpful on my own. Seems a bit overpowered for now though, so it’s not worth my time getting there…

There are these altar things containing chips, but it’s always the same three types to choose from. I would love to see some randomized chips being able to be acquired at these stations. I usually just skip them when I see them, since I don’t need them most of the time.


If this game continues down the road it’s heading, and tweaks and fixes are added, I see it being a really great game. It takes some time to get your character into shape to advance, but so far the grind has mostly been fun. The graphics are nice, and it’s running fairly smooth the last time I played it. Again, the balance is a bit off for me as far as the time it takes to get to the first major boss, and then restarting due to not being able to hit it for much of the fight, spending more time dodging than executing any sort of plan of attack. I am holding off playing more for now until there is some balance there. I’ll check back once in a while.

Considering the genre, I think it’s worth buying at full price. I’m always one for discounts, but this really offers a lot! Considering Dead Cells is almost $10 USD more, it’s more than worth the cost. I’m not trying to say it’s the same game, but it’s quite comparable in a lot of ways. I like the positive direction it’s taken so far for an Early Access title.

Only praise from me for this labor of love! A great game for those who like difficult rogue-lites!

Persona [RU]

Posted: October 21, 2018
Early Access Review

The idea of the game is good, but it’s still too raw. Most of the bugs have not been fixed, the game has a lot to grow, but the developers do not do anything for this. I can only say that the developers themselves like to lie, some who clearly understand what I mean! Feel free to write reviews, focusing on everything! by the way, bugs with textures have not been fixed! Although all write many times! This time I will not change the review until you fix everything you promised!!
Идея игры хорошая, но она еще слишком сырая. Большинство багов так и не было исправлено, игре есть куда расти, но разработчики не делают ничего для этого. Могу сказать лишь то что сами разработчики любят обманывать, кое кто явно поймет о чем я! Не стесняйтесь писать отзывы, акцентируя внимание на всё! к слову, баги с текстурами так и не исправили! Хотя все пишут много раз! На этот раз я не изменю отзыв пока вы не исправите все что обещали!!


Posted: September 28, 2018
Product received for free

Early Access Review

”A potential rouge-like metroidvania where the death is learning…“

Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial is a mixture of metroidvania and rogue-like element developed by indie IceSea Team of two people. It adapts into side-scrolling game with the influence of soul-like mainstream. Yet still have some flaws and require polishing during Early Access (currently 3 playerable levels). It’s risk-reward fun for people who seek a challenge.

Story and Presentation
Set in the hybrid fantasy world with some modern tech elements, the world design is clean, well-produced texture, and colorful. You play as a young maiden named “Erza”who specialize in close combat and ice spells. She has to prove herself by conquering mysterious tower to prove hunter’s license and get rid of wedding plan. The story is simple and straightforward, but what lies on the top of tower is quite intriguing. You spend most of time chatting with Devil companion between the levels as I hope they develop relationship through the story.

Each level has its own theme and soundtrack that gives nostalgic feeling even though it can get repetitive due to short loop. Strong sound effects and feedback during fight along with fluid Erza’s animation.

Run, Fight, Die, Repeat
Erza’s Trial heavy emphasizes on player’s action and adaptation to randomness of procedural-created levels. You fight through big level which has their own environment, enemy types, and traps. Using three types of base melee and powerful ice spells; you also find random chips and equipment along the journey. Chips provide different attribute added to character, they can be replaced or stacked to enhance stats. Equipment can be offensive or defensive tool from protective shield to automatic turret. Killing monster and destroy also drop blue crystal for upgrades.

However, healing is rare and limited. The design is done by intention and reward players when they can complete the level as you spend all corrected crystals to enhance skill, chip, equipment, and movement. The higher level of chip means less you usage of same chip to stack and safe for different type of chip. Unlock movement and skills to get pass through level more quickly. On the other hand, the game punishes you for good, lose everything when dead and start over from beginning. There’s no handholding and checkpoint, but the game save wherever you stay and all upgrades are permanent. It’s always rough in first few playthrough, but the goal is learning from death and mistake. Learn enemy placement, level structure, equipment, and come back with better approach along with upgrades. Adaptation and smart move is the key based on what equipment/chip you obtain. It feels like luck-based, but the difficult still require player skill and it support replayability.

A long way to final release
I participated on beta testing for a week and see how the game significantly improved. However, it still has many flaws as you expect from Early Access state. Enemy’s reaction and placement can sometimes be frustrated to deal without proper equipment; Enemy AI can instantly track player position after player dash through. Making dash tactic becomes less efficient when you’ve to fight group of them in very tight area or get surrounded. Few chips that provide similar effect even I upgrade to max and some are very situational. Moreover, the English translation can be very confused in description. I hope they take time from suggestion to improve translation and make some chips more viable.

Powered by Unity, I found this game runs very solid on my rigs (Core i5, 8GB RAM, GTX1050Ti) on 1080p max settings. Responsive keyboard control and ice spells are much easy to use compare to early version. There might have some technical issues depended on user. I never encounter any game-breaking bug, only frame stuttering when using some equipment or freezing multiple targets at once.

Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial is a game that you might experience by yourself. It’s not perfect. It’s not for everyone even you are familiar with this genre, but it has potential and hold something special for me not just satisfaction of learning process. However, it’s still long way to judge the game at current state powered by two developers. It’s your choice to hold until product becomes more polished and stable. For now, I did enjoy the direction and challenge of game and hope they constantly improve quality and new features from all players’ feedback.

Review Version: v2018.0.006
If you found this review helpful, please consider and give a thumb up or feedback to improve my review

Cat Daddy

Posted: September 28, 2018
Product received for free

Early Access Review

I did a detailed review of the game to explain to people what they should expect.


Short version – its a good game but its made by a small team. Please remember it is an early access game which will be worked/improved upon over time. If you do encounter any errors we have a bug/issues thread in the main group. Report any issues there so we can help iron out any problems


Posted: September 28, 2018
Early Access Review

With last patch… thinking that game is on early access i will try keep the more updated i can…

ok now game feels more easier.. still well really think game should have a normal/hard mode.. but the good news is that is no more punish.. i feel it easy still mistakes could be bad still too much hp pots.. tunning the right number of hp items on game seems hard..

1. well have good graphics, still too much bright.. i know i could use my screen for change but i play a lot of games.. a in game change of bright will be really good. (didnt check if can change it so i leave it)
2. Diamonds lose after death are just too much, and sadly i dont see the solution without be a gamebreaker, basicly game have a hard start and become easier later.. when should be the opposite easy at start hard later. Basicly diamonds best use is on char, you need at least 40 not sure if you can update char in dungeon or if lose the upgrade when die… probably the best solution should be that diamond lose increase with deaths going from 10%lose to 80% lose but well im thinking if you lose upgrades if you dont lose upgrades.. go all to 100% begin the only place where you upgrade char on rest places.
3. The hp go from bad to bad.. first so few hp things that too hard.. now too many that its too easy… i think the best solution is 20% of hp item when you open a teleport box.. that means that in 5 maps you can get 100% of hp and 2 vials.. cause vials can be increased with diamonds, i think will keep the balance in the long run.. still not sure.
4. well i got tired (well too many games too play and im with monster hunter world and dragon quest.. but for those prices.. i suggest buy this) when enter map 2… so i leave… hope save between chapters..
5. ok seems bombs guys are more a pain that i initially tought.. still solvable.. carry always a long range item.. + shield.. still think shield.. should leave game….

game needs two modes normal and hard, being hard a game where you lose 80% diamonds, and no hp recovery items, and i say this cause im a semi good player.. so before was bad for new players.. but now is bad for hardcore players…
With last update i go from 1-5 to finish all 1 map.. with almost no stress.. i make 2 mistakes that before were sure lose to some stress.. still is better this way for new players than how was before.. i really see the potential of be a very good metrovania game, so give it a try.


Posted: September 29, 2018
Early Access Review

How shall I start…

Well, it’s a good base for a nice looking and well gameplay-feeling roguelike-game. But it is how it is, EARLY ACCSESS.
The controls are feeling a little "unfluent" and not comfy for a game that should be played in a very fluent way. It needs a little "fine-adjustment" to give it some flow in the combat.

The graphics are looking great tbh! Just the enemies (which I’ve seen) are looking a little weird like, not fitting in the graphic.

Nothing to complain about the soundtrack, it’s a nice little melody in the background and I enjoy it so far. The audio itself is off point sometimes and there are some cracks in there.

So in resume: A nice start of a game, that CAN be something really awesome! Just let it develop and work with the feedback and we’ll see what it will become! :3


Posted: February 20
Early Access Review

It’s basically Dead Cells, with a Waifu and crystals instead of Cells. There are many things to polish (like many animations that look clunky at times and enemy models that don’t really mingle with the world *cough* humanoid roaches *cough*), but overall the gameplay is good and there’s potential on this game.


Posted: October 5, 2018
Product received for free

Early Access Review

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Tower Hunter:Erza’s Trial is a new roguelite action metroidvania that has just been released to Steam in Early Access. Currently the game is in v2018.0.010, so of course it’s not perfect and it’s not the official release, otherwise it would be v1.0 instead. So expect some errors and lack of polish if you get into the game early, but so far, it’s showing lots of signs of promise to be a very good action game.

Some people have an issue with putting roguelike and metroidvania together, because of deaths leading to restarting from the beginning, and having a large world to fight through becomes tedious as well from time to time. This and the currently still clunky controls in certain situations do not meld well and may lead to some unexpected deaths and frustrations, but it is still a game that you should expect to improve over time and make it farther as you play more and spend your time with it. Not to mention really is a roguelite, in the same style as Dead Cells.

The game features a lot of upgrades are intrinsically there, you just have to collect crystals to unlock them. This is fairly easy, even if you die a lot, because you will save some of your crystals when you die. You can always go to the upgrade menu in between runs or after any level.

There are so many similarities to Dead Cells that there are impossible to ignore. From the map, to the spending of collected crystals in between levels, to the isolation of bosses on their own level, and more. There are some unique features here, such as input specific attacks similar to traditional combat games that makes the gameplay more interesting as well.

There are currently issues with the game, such as clunkiness of the movement, which becomes less significant after you are able to unlock double and triple jumps. Even after, there are some minor edges that you can almost get over but require to further wall jumps instead. Everything is slowed down because of this, and the lack of flow definitely needs adjustment.

In addition, resting between levels should heal you completely and restock your health potion. This seems inconsistent. Resting before the first boss refilled my potion recharges, but did not give any HP back. Fortunately I just healed and rested again to rectify the situation.

I also had an issue with not being able to uninstall a chip when I came across something that required 20 energy units, and everything had equipped used 10 or 15. I could not replace any of these chips because the total would put me over 100. I am sure this is something they will encounter often enough to allow the player to uninstall multiple chips before picking up a new one.

Lastly, the English translations need to be improved significantly. Some of the translations are reasonable in terms of meaning, but are not conventional English at all. I know that to add blood means to heal, but this is a direct literal Chinese translation of the phrase “加血” or “补血” that are used in Chinese games. There are a lot of different places that could use improvement for the English version.

Controller works well, and that is what I used.

Graphics and Music
The graphics are fantastic. The details are very good. The developers clearly paid a lot of attention to these visual outputs.
The music is quite nice as well, and the sound effects may appropriate.

Tower Hunter:Erza’s Trial is a metroidvania roguelite inspired by recent titles such as Dead Cells. The game does offer some unique features and show some promise, but it clearly is a game still in Early Access. It still needs a lot of tweaking and tuning. By this game now if you want to help developer in the development process and to offer your thoughts and ideas so that the game can be made better. If you want a finished and polished product, you would do well to wait and look at the final game upon release. It does show promise, and I think it would be better if they moved away from the Dead Cells template a bit more, including the dying sequence and the map appearance. But especially the map, it works so well, that it would not be unreasonable to keep it. The reason I wanted to move away though, is to avoid any discussions regarding plagiarism. Even though "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," this can also go too far for comfort in some cases. I will let the developers decide for themselves what they consider to be an appropriate and healthy amount of imitation. I do have high hopes for this game in the future, and I think it will definitely get better.

The following video is my first look into this game. I had trouble grasping the controls, and I completely forgot about the special abilities that are built-in based on fighting games. It is really fun getting a different weapon and seeing how these attacks differ from each other. Unfortunately you will not see that my video, for that I apologize:

游戏不错,看上去太多细节都太像 Dead Cells 不过还是蛮有创立的也比较好玩。玩起来感觉还不是非常流利,以后因该会改好些吧。我玩的是v2018.0.010,所以还很早。希望有些地方能改改外观,这样不会被别人说你们是再抄袭其他人的作品。还有就是挺多的英文是直接一个字一个字从中文翻译过来的,所以读起来很别扭。希望以后也以改良一下。

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.

Thots And Prayers

Posted: September 28, 2018
Early Access Review

Note: Review edited.

I initially made a review comment stating that I didn’t like the forced roguelike mechanics. The developer reached out to me about my concerns and has said that changes will be made to make the game have a metroidvania mode without roguelike. I am taking the developer at his word and am revising my review – if the game will have that kind of mode I can absolutely recommend it. Additionally I felt it was really nice for them to reach out!


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