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About This Game

[Notice] We are focusing to provide new scenario missions and characters. We have no multiplayer contents yet. But for the safe and pair player information, You need a network connection.

[Notice] Troubleshooter has a regular maintenance and update every week. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access the game during that time.

  • Duration: 2 hours (Could be decrease or increase depending on the situation.)

About Troubleshooter…

The basic system and interface part (cover, overwatch, rush) of a battle to operate a combat system is similar to ‘XCOM’.
However, core battle rules for combat and the growth of characters that affect combat is similar to ‘Final Fantasy Tactics’.
Troubleshooter is a RPG game with strategic elements, not strategic games. So we like a more forgiving regarding death.

Troubleshooter is a turn-based RPG with the story of Albus and the events happening around him. The story begins with Albus becoming an official Troubleshooter who then returns to his hometown to begin his journey as he meets new friends and colleagues on the way.

The story of Albus will be updated continuously.

You will experience different events and meet different people and make it through the missions by playing as Albus and controlling his colleagues.

The characters appearing in the missions will have different decisions to make, and this will affect the relationships of the characters within the game to provide a slightly different story depending on the decisions.

The current version contains tutorial, 32 scenario stages and 18 repeatable stages.

There are colleagues who accompanies Albus through the game. You will be able to meet different characters as you play his story. You might meet them during missions and become friends or you can recruit them to make them an official member of the company.

Users may recruit different characters and choose different combinations for each mission to suit their style of play.

The current version allows you to recruit Sion, Irene, Anne, Heixing, Ray and Giselle as your team member.
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 SP 1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 3220 @ 3.3 GHz, AMD FX 4300 @ 3.8 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 650 with 1 GB VRAM or AMD Radeon HD 7750 with 1 GB VRAM or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible using the latest drivers


Posted: July 13, 2018
Early Access Review

Troubleshooter is a game that still needs a lot of work, but has huge potential.
Made by a small team who is very active with the gaming community.

When I buy an early access game it is more to support the game that I feel like I will like, rather than to play it early. Normally I buy the early access game. Try it a little bit then come back to it when the game is fully released.

However in this case, I am having trouble not playing the game. Even in its early state the game is very fun. Still needs a lot of balance and translation work but the creation team is making constant updates and improvements to the game. Seriously, look at the update log on steam. These guys are busy cranking out updates and patches at an incredable rate. Especially for how small the team is.

I am really looking forward to the games full release. Keep up the great work guys!

Xaxil Nightsun

Posted: September 16, 2018
Early Access Review

So after some time I feel like I can give a review on this game. I’ll try to sum this up to pros and cons and will try to go into details of each.

Pros: SRPG style combat and gameplay : This game it states to take systems from xcom, players should not view or expect it to play like it, in fact it plays more like a SRPG like FFT, Disgaea etc etc, Character have levels and have a variety of skills unique to that character.

Unique world and setting : This game is set in a large city with many different sectors seperating the parts, the city due to it’s large size has gained several if not many different criminal orginazation seeking to claim control of this city, while beasts near the wild lands aim to retake what the humans have claimed, Troubleshooters role basicly boils down to dealing with these problems alongside the police force. In some ways your more or less goverment apporved vigilantes. In this world however there is a power source known as ESP that some people and even some beast are born with ability to use, it comes in several elements and some enemies will use these in conjunction with their natraul skills, the characters you get will be no different and it will be up to you to figure out the best use of their abilities and skills.

Customizable passives : Aka the mastery system, see as you level up you gain mastery points, these are used for your characters mastery board, at first you’ll find a large portion of your board bared off by level caps, but you wll unlock these as you level, the real charm here is when you defeat enemies they drop masteries , you take these masteries and set them to your board adding new abilites, effects, and even sometimes skills to your characters, want your character to cause their normal attack to bleed enemies theirs a mastery for that, want a mastery that let’s your come back to life if they are killed got a mastery for that as well, of course the ease of getting these masteries vary.

Class Change system : The class change system further allows you grow your cast of characters, each character has a pre set path of classes they can change into, both classes providing powerfull boost and skills to your character, plus with this system your character will unlock new abilities they can use that can be switched in and out so player can make their ideal skill kit, plus when you do class change into what is known as an advance class not only does some your base stats increase but you also gain more mastery slots to use for these characters. ( You will understand the value of more slots when you play trust me. XD)

Repeatable story missions : This may not seem like a pro to some people to some the ability to replay story missions in order to say get an acheivement you missed or maybe get an item from an enemy you’ve only seen in that mission is very appealing, any story mission player have cleared will be cataloged and replayable back at base, the mission will play out exactly the same as it did the first time you played it cut scenes and all, this does mean that if you have a character who didn’t join your team at this point of the story they can’t join you in these repeats, you do however keep your current level, gear, masteries, class etc when you redo them.

Responsive Dev team: The dev team for this game actively responds to player feedback and alot of the great changes and improvements have been thanks to this, the devs are also quick to deal with most bugs when players report them they are also always looking for ways to improve the game and try to cater to the request of the player base when possible.

Cons: Always online : This seems to be a big problem for some people and in it’s current state the always online feature is questionable, since the game is basicly a single player game at the moment, the only online aspect in game is the crime level which goes down as player on the server complete repeatable mission. The team has stated that this feature is in prep for the later multiplayer aspects of the game, but as of now if you have a unstable internet you will probably find your enjoyment of the game compromised.

Non English vocal : I personally don’t mind but I’ve seen quite a few people voice complaint about the Korean only VOs so I thought I’d make a note of it, outside of cutscenes and word ballons alot of what is being said wont be understandable by non Korean speaking players, fortuantely only battles seem to have the only VOs in the game so at most you wont be able to understand what your characters or the enemy is shouting in battle.

High Enemy count : This make the missions and even story in the game very very long and in some cases is used to basicly set difficulty, with one map having roughly 100+ enemies on it against your 5 characters, you will more often then I would like to say find yourself HEAVILY outnumbered if you pull a bad group that chain reacts and alerts the whole map causing 30+ baddies to come crashing down on you, and lord help if your not ready when they do.

Grindy: This may change at one point but as of know there’s alot of grinding that needs to be done, between leveling, colllecting masteries and gathering materials to make items you will spend a large portion of your late game redoing alot of mission in order to get masteries and or farm for materials, changes have been made here and there to make things less of a grind but between the huge map sizes, large enemy count, and rng drop rate, you may still find yourself spending well over 30 min to maybe even and hour on a single map.

Overall I would recommend this game if your looking for a new SRPG to play, plus due to it’s early access nature and responsive team the cons I pointed out and potiental other cons player may find can be fixed and or changed, this game has alot of potential and if what you see in the video and what you read in review apeal to you then by all mean come join in and help support the growth of this game.

The Loki

Posted: January 1, 2018
Early Access Review

Fast-Post Review since there are no other significant/informative reviews out.

Troubleshooter is a game that is a combination of Xcom + FFT (Final Fantasy Tactics) + FE (Fire Emblem). Mechanics wise, there is low/high cover, overwatch, and the layout is xcom-style: action-cam included.

Furthermore, there is an FFT/RPG twist to the mechanics/system of the game. For instance, turns are based upon character speeds. So you’ll have faster characters acting earlier with allies and enemies possibly interchanging turns. Thus, no ‘all you and then all enemy’ plays. I find this system more interesting. Going further, even Overwatch is actually a skill. Hence without the Overwatch skill, a character cannot use the ability.

There is an RPG system in place.
There are the equipments/consumables/levels/skills, as well as the not so standard Mastery system. You can either loot Mastery tags off of defeated enemies by chance or research and produce them. These cost training points and the equivalent character mastery slots to equip, and give certain bonuses. Bonuses such as gain an additional 10HP per level up, to do 5% more slash dmg + 5% more crit dmg. Also, there is a fatigue system represented as ‘Ambition’.

The story is in the vein of Fire Emblem which is VN (visual novel) style, but not necessarily plot or quality wise.

You do have a base of operations in an office, but no direct base-building. Although there is an empty warehouse that could be utilized as a workshop, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

No Character Creation, although there are ample recruitable uniques and more to be added as EA progresses. Each unique utilizing different styles/skills.

Always-Online required, since the plan is to have multiplayer pvp and coop.
Having data server-side is a must for mulitplayer due to the possibility of cheating.

No problems encountered running and playing the game.

Whew! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…
I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Troubleshooter, for the most part.
The music, graphics, and art are all of a higher standard considering the small dev team.
The grammar and spelling are a weak spot, with numerous mistakes.
However, these mistakes are mostly minor in nature, and have not hindered my ability to understand the UI or the Story.
So in essence, not a quality translation by any means, but nothing horrid or unmanageable either like the tons of craplations claiming English language supported.
I’m playing on Normal difficulty, and the game has been a decent challenge.
As for the story itself… well… I’ll digress since I haven’t played much of the game.
To be fair though, the story starts out pretty silly, but got more serious and interesting, while maintaining the game’s stylishly moody and zany ways.

I look forward to what the future will bring for Troubleshooter.
I’m unsure whether I would recommend the game at this price if this was the final state,
but considering the game just released in Alpha in a very enjoyable and polished state bar the translation,
I give Troubleshooter a hearty ‘Recommended’.


Posted: December 12, 2018
Early Access Review

This is a good game. I enjoy the gameplay quite a bit. But it has some serious issues that make it very hard to recommend if it isn’t on a deep sale.

Main Cons:
– Bad Translation. Not mediocre. Bad. We’re talking Zero Wing level stuff here sometimes, guys. Not just the dialog, but the skill descriptions too, which makes it guesswork what things actually mean. At least some things are in numbers, but man it’s bad.
– Awful, unfun Pacing. It took me ~10 hours before I got to the third team member (the first two are after just a mission or two). Core features, like… shops? Probably around level 8 (hour 6+, maybe). Crafting? I didn’t unlock it until 12 hours into the game. Apparently there are class branches at level 15 in a class, but when a "core feature" of the game has only been experienced by 8.8% who play it long enough to find out (per global achievement stats).. is it really a core feature?
– Crashes. Often times things will crash. Load a checkpoint in a mission after some hostage dies? Crash. Choose an option in a dialog? Crash. It might get fixed, but one thing I strongly feel about early access: Don’t ever buy it because "it might get better."
– Online components. This game doesn’t need it (and I’ll bet that the network stuff is largely responsible for the crashes). It doesn’t benefit from it. It’s just a gimmick, and it’s all the usual online bull with no real value added. Every choice in the game has a "% of players selected" which … why? It’s a single player campaign, and that info doesn’t add anything. There is a concept for getting extra loot for your region as people online play to make it "safe".. but … why? It doesn’t seem to make much difference at all, maybe a couple more chests on a level or maybe marginally better loot, but I honestly couldn’t tell the difference, and it has triggered a couple of times while I’ve been playing. Besides, with the slow, grindy gameplay, a few extra chests doesn’t warrant the extra overhead.

That having been said, like I mentioned, the gameplay IS fun, even if it is repeetative. For a certain kind of person, it is a good purchase. The universe is fairly entertaining, if impossible to understand due to the translation. The tactical combat gameplay is well done. Realistically, I’m the kind of person who likes this, and I don’t regret the purchase, but Troubleshooter is a deeply flawed game that I just cannot recommend at its current price in its current state except for to a very small number of dedicated players.


Posted: July 24, 2018
Early Access Review

I cant even start the game, it crashes every time….


The publisher Dandylion whent out of their way and back to help me resolve the issue. Im impressed with the immidiate respons. And the effort they put in to help me.

Amazing thank you!


Posted: September 12, 2018
Early Access Review

Game is fun, I was willing to support the dev’s and buy early access because these dev’s actually care. If you have a gameplay issue, they address it promptly and are always willing to engage with their players. I give em a thumbs up and I would say buy it when you feel like it. Normally I say wait for a game to get out of early access but these guys have really proved themselves.


Posted: May 5, 2018
Early Access Review

Game tried to blend elements from XCOM and Final Fantansy Tactics (FFT) plus some korean VN storytelling.
I have been a fan to both XCOM and FFT franchises, but I would say that Troubleshooter’s equation is not complete.
Since game itself tries to quote 2 aforementioned games, calling for those fanbase I will also base by review on those 2 game’s experience too.
– (X) Squad/Team building, which should be main element for both XCOM and FFT. Troubleshooter does not allow team building, it only lets you unlock predefined characters by story. No recuiting your own team like rookies in XCOM or squire in FFT.
– (X) Job/Class, there is no job class to change or levelup for this game, while both XCOM and espcially FFT strong at it.
– (△) Grinding for exp and item, this is half acceptable. But too repeatitive.
– (X) And on top of that, ENERGY SYSTEM!, like in mobile game. To restrict your play time.
– (△) Story telling is ok, expect k-pop characters and k-drama kind of story.
– (X) Battle design is bad, sometimes story force you to fight 1 vs 16 enemies just to lose, then overpower npc to show off while you are just trash running around. It’s trying to call for audience’s "wow" moment but hey I’m here to be pround of my team from my team building thing.
– (X) VN experience is not consistent, sometimes dialog is automatic, trouble to slow reader). Sometimes you must skip with ctrl, sometimes you must skip with esc, sometimes you cannot skip.
Final: If you are XCOM/FFT fan, you can try this "fustration". If you are new to this kind of game, it might be some learning curve there.

Macabre Mage

Posted: June 9, 2018
Early Access Review

To the people complaining about the difficulty, or *grinding* – stop letting the VHPD take your characters’ kills. Really, if you’re good, those VHPD units can pretty much handle the entirety of the game, in my experience so far. It’s not that they’re overpowered – they’re strong, but so are the enemies.

You need to let your *characters* get the kills – and there’s Masteries that hand out EXP when other characters get kills.

As an example, my Albus was falling behind a little, and Sion, who can Chain Lightning a group of enemies and get three kills in a single strike, outlevelled Albus fairly quickly. I put Yearning on Albus, and the problem was solved. Note that no grinding was required to keep up with the level of the enemies in the story mode – I did each repeatable mission once as they popped up, let Albus and Sion get the majority of the kills, and their levels stayed on par with the enemies. Use the police as the backup they are – don’t let them beat the level for you, because it’s very easy to do exactly that.

To the people complaining about a lack of checkpoints – Fire Emblem does not have checkpoints unless you’re playing on ♥♥♥♥♥ Mode – also known as *easy* mode, in the newer games. Each fight takes thirty minutes to an hour, and is *much* less forgiving than Troubleshooter. And yet, it has a devoted fanbase. Dandylion is doing nothing wrong, you just need to get better. The game saves if you need to leave and come back, assuming you don’t have the time to finish – and automated checkpoints can bone you HARD later on if you do poorly at the beginning of an encounter.

As an addendum to the above, Sion is squishy, and can die in one hit. He can also oneshot multiple enemies. He has a lot of movement. Placing Sion strategically is important. You know what else is important? Examining every character’s passive and active buffs. The melee VHPD units, just so you all know, have a passive that lets them dodge Overwatch attacks.

There is nothing wrong with a difficult SRPG. Final Fantasy Tactics was mentioned as being an inspiration for this game. If you could go in and rush through everything with little fear of repercussions, then you’ve made a game that’s little more than a power fantasy. FFT was crazy difficult if you didn’t take the time to figure things out, and sometimes, that means failing a little. There’s chests with loot you will need to be getting, and grenades absolutely need to be utilized at times.

Dandylion, aside from a few grammatical errors, I have absolutely no complaints. I’ve been punished for not keeping to cover. I’ve made progress by learning the systems. You’re on the right track. I love the game, and absolutely recommend it to anyone who is a diehard fan of strategy and tactics games.


Posted: March 20, 2018
Early Access Review

-Great cast of characters(Alisa..nuff said)
-Good combat system
-Good stage design
-Very active dev team

Cons(Most are gameplay related):
-Accuracy should be tweaked, the fact that I can’t hit an enemy from point-blank makes no sense. Ex. Some enemies have better accuracy on overwatch from a distance than my characters attacking at point-blank.
-The only way to get items is to open chests on the battlefield, which becomes repetitive and tedious. Can we get a character that can open a chest from a distance?
-Super grindy, not to mention how long some battles take
-A lack of reward after a battle, which makes the grind unappealing. A 20-30 min battle for 2 useless items and a couple of potions, no thanks.


Posted: January 2, 2018
Early Access Review

Great game. Very similar to xcom but with an anume feel. Just need to add more depth such as character story missions, add stores you can visit, allow you to revisit fights so you can farm more materials. Also being able to change appearance of clothes would be awesome.