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About This Game

Have you ever had nightmares? Yes, all of us have. John, the protagonist, is no exception. However, his nightmares are frighteningly similar to his reality…
Feeling that something’s wrong with his dreams and that he is in danger, John tries to make everything right alone, but eventually fails… His wife is fixated on her own problems, all his friends are gone and his family ties were broken years ago. John has problems at work, problems at home… Only you can help him break out of this endless nightmare!

Typical Nightmare is created with help of professional psychiatrists using real cases from their practice. The game doesn’t just frighten you — based on psychoanalysis, it helps to understand the problems that many people tend to have. Who knows, maybe you will face your own fears?

Make hard moral decisions that will radically change the protagonist’s life. Find out who plays with John in his dreams and what they want. It’s completely up to you to determine if John will become brave enough to face his fears and overcome them during his Typical Nightmare!


Explore the nature of the protagonist’s fears. Help him dive into his nightmares and return to normal life.


You’ll have to make hard decisions that will change John’s life. Only you decide if John will change his destiny or leave everything as it is.


Face your own fears. The game contains scenes of typical nightmares, disturbing every person in the world.


Try to understand what keeps the protagonist in his nightmares become a victim or a hunter!
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 and AMD FX-8120
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: R9 280X / Nvidia geforce gtx 1060
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
Typical Nightmare-0
Typical Nightmare-1
Typical Nightmare-2
Typical Nightmare-3
Typical Nightmare-4
Typical Nightmare-5
Typical Nightmare-6
Typical Nightmare-7
Typical Nightmare-8
Typical Nightmare-0
Typical Nightmare-1
Typical Nightmare-2
Typical Nightmare-3
Typical Nightmare-4
Typical Nightmare-5
Typical Nightmare-6
Typical Nightmare-7
Typical Nightmare-8


Posted: August 29, 2018
The only nightmare is the slow and buggy gameplay. I hate writing negative reviews,but I hate evem more when the game builds up a great concept and fails to deliver that.

If you want a typical nightmare just go to sleep after eating too much, way easier and cheaper.


Posted: December 29, 2018
Product received for free

To start: This game was sent to me for free from the developers (or their representatives) with the request that I discuss it on my YouTube page.
If you want a full video representation of everything wrong with this game, you can watch it on my YouTube channel below:

To sum it up in text: This game is very poorly designed and not put together well. Audio does not match subtitles, voice lines will trip over each other and cut each other off, and voice lines in cut scenes will not sync up properly. The story is complete nonsense. The head bobbing and low FoV (with no FoV setting) makes this game nauseating to play, and I typically don’t get sick at that kind of thing. This game somehow has greater hardware requirements than The Witcher 3 while looking like a game from over 10 years ago. The hardware requirements are apparently also HARD requirements, as it crashed when my system had SLI’d GTX 760s, but ran fine when I got a GeForce 1060 in my computer. It is inexcusable to ask for money for this game.


Posted: August 25, 2018
■□□□□□□□□□ 1 / 10

A typical case of that good ol’ "Wait.. what just happened..?". Technically, that’s not always a bad thing..

but, in all seriousness: this is an unfinished product.
Essentially, it is like a ‘walk & click your way through a couple of interactive slides’-experience. An additional ‘QTE’ or two are thrown in ‘for good measure’. However, none of the available actions have any substantial consequences for the story since there hardly is one.


– walking and running are pretty much the same speed (alas, not the fast kind)
– there’s a seemingly non-optional motion blur
– dialogue and subtitles cue up too soon or too late and frequently overlap one another
– poor frame rate and/or optimization (under different settings)

Considering all of the above and a playthrough time of roughly 1h, this game should be free to play.

Deaf Sparrow

Posted: October 18, 2018
Product received for free

I was going to do a full site review for this on www.deafsparrow.com, but I decided against it, and I’m going to be brief if you’re curious about this one. Actually I’m not, so forget that. I’m sorry to say this game, in its current state, to echo others, is most certainly NOT ready for release and should have been reworked. Why?

1. Graphically the cut screens are probably the best part, but it does have a generally well-designed atmosphere, so that’s one good thing. The snow scene and weather were particularly good, with the exception of the rain hitting puddles, which I noticed it was doing in places that were impossible by the laws of physics, and NO, it wasn’t because I was in scary psychological thriller land, it’s because of shoddy programming.

2. Unfortunately, any atmosphere was quickly ruined by the play. The voice acting, unlike what others have said, is really not THE absolute worst, but the failure of the programmer(s) to match the voices with body and mouth movements was dreadful and ruined any sort of interest I had in the plot.

3. So yeah, it’s psychological horror, so expect uncertainty. But then that uncertainty becomes WHAT IN THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING HERE? The character movements are HORRIBLY slow, even with shift held down, and to make matters worse items that are supposed to be interacted with often do NOT work properly without some moving around. I couldn’t figure out how to get into the tower, for example, until I basically smashed my body against the door so I couldn’t see anything, whenever it highlights with a white outline while standing away from it. I tried it from various angles but it wouldn’t open until I stood in a position that made no sense.

4. And to echo others again, WHAT’S WITH THE CAMERA WOBBLING? I sense the programmer(s) was/were trying to create a sense of realism by having your character move back and forth while standing in place, occasionally raising his arm to look at his hand, and so forth, but it’s disconcerting and ANNOYING. Plus, more importantly, it really doesn’t add any extra realism to the game that’s necessary in the first place.

5. BORING. Unlike other games of this nature I’ve played (ahem check out Deluded Mind), I could have given two sh17s about what was happening or going to happen. Mainly because of the play, look, and atmosphere, but also because of the slow movements. I felt like I was lazily walking in an umemployment line in the 1930s. The first puzzle was something about opening some doors in a mysterious apartment complex in some order, but after a hideously pathetic jump scare with some hobo watching a swirly "psycho" image on a TV screen, I had enough. I didn’t figure it out, and I wasn’t pressured in any way to do so because I just didn’t care. When I watched a quick vid of more play online and saw the pathetic dog that tries to bite your leg in the elevator after this scene, I was done, done, DONE.

Simply put, this game is NOT ready for play or release yet. If it gets better I might give it more attention, but until the devs speed up the movements, remove the wobble, fix item interaction bugs, fix at least the sync between voice and body movements, it’s NOT going to happen. I really like to give indie companies a chance, but this is one game I simply COULD NOT invest more than a few minutes in. Notice my total playtime? 0 HOURS. It’s THAT dreadful. Should it get better, I will consider an edit of this review and possible promotion on my site, but I put money into that and it’s only going to make the company look worse than they already do. A shame, because that robot Stalin logo is cool. Probably the BEST part of this game, actually.


Posted: September 1, 2018
If ever a game shouldn’t have been released in the state it was in, it’s Typical Nightmare.

This is borderlline pre-alpha and it’s a horrific mess.

The ideas in here are decent, don’t get me wrong, but the execution a disgrace and it was 40% off release readiness.

From bugs which end the game, to a constant and nausea-incuding wobble from the player character, to dialogue which overlaps each other both aurally and visually via subs, to bugs which restart the game and erase all progress, to doors which won’t open till the fourth or fifth attempt, to staggeringly dreadful voice acting, this just feels like someone’s mod for something else which was never finished and was disgracefully released in the absolute mess it’s in.

The only, single pro I can give this t*rd is the enviromental visuals are a reasonable use of UE4. The NPCs however are not and everything else is a minus.

I can honestly say this is close to the worst game I’ve played on Steam, in terms of condition, polish, execution and development.


(ps the dev ignored all comments requesting support – avoid anything they (electrostalin) make like the plague – new game game on its way called Paws and Soul – shudder to imagine the shambles that will be released in)


Posted: November 6, 2018
Product received for free

The Typical Nightmare is the name of this game but the game is a nightmare, too.
It crashed only one time but the problem at the end of the game that you’re stuck in the bedroom door and can’t go on is very annoying. I haven’t finished the game bc of these bugs which will make the 100% impossible! 🙁
I hope a new update will fix this huge issue.


Posted: January 1
The Graphics were kinda interesting, the physics were questionable the gameplay was terrible, and above all… OMG, What did I just play?! This was an absurd experience, and in no way resembled any typical nightmare, at least not mine. Those punching scenes were hysterically bad. Definitely not recommended.


Posted: August 22, 2018
Sorry, but this is awful. Not the fact that this is clearly a low-budget production, which is fine as I´m playing mostly Indie-Games, but charging 8Euros for this is really naughty.
I just don´t get why there are any positive reviews on this honestly. The optimization is poor. The doors are so clunky, closing and opening on their own, too many senseless and poor cutscenes, voice acting is not great and has different volumes on each charracter (from I-can´t-hear-you to Monologues that almost blasts your ears.)

I don´t get what is going on in like 90% of the time, the main protagonist talks like he is major stoned which makes his answers hilarious and takes away all the atmosphere which this game is trying to create (but cannot achieve because everything feels so unfinished). The evil spooky p00py demon voice just grinds gears and adds nothing valuable to the story (if there is any)

Faced two gamebreaking bugs in the Building, first: The elevator did drive upstairs without me (I got stuck on the ground and could not get out), second playthrough (after the patch) while meeting the people upstairs thousand events where triggering at the same time, with constant bumping in the background, my wife apparently talks to me while the subtitles constantly switching languages and the game is giving me 3 answers I could not choose while I be pushed over into the door. 5 seconds later the protagonist calls the police (after he tried to figure out the number… dear lord..) and this scene repeats itself 4-5 times and then… nothing. Games just freezes, still with awful bumping in the background. I could not reload any savegame and would have to start all over agin.
No way… never again.


Posted: August 21, 2018
Runs very slow, very clunky. Couldn’t even get all the way up the stairs cause of a glitch or something… Don’t recommend at this time.

The Horror Network

Posted: February 6
Product received for free

Typical Nightmare is the first game by indie developer/publisher Electrostalin Entertainment. The game follows the story of John, an average guy who ends up getting sucked into the nightmare world over and over again by a Freddy Krueger wannabe entity that dwells within him. Over and over, John will be forced to face his deepest fears in vivid reality and come to terms with issues from his past.

It’s hard to find a starting point with Typical Nightmare, mostly because the entire game is nothing but one giant, buggy mess. For one, don’t let the screenshots from the store page fool you; this entire experience, with the exception of some cutscenes, is in first-person view… NOT third-person as the pictures would suggest. The performance is absolutely abysmal, especially when taking into account that the game was created in the Unreal Engine; dipping to and staying at 40 FPS or below on an i6700k/GTX 1080 rig is, unfortunately, normal. Sometimes the subtitles work, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they’re in a completely different language other than what you selected.

So, what else could possibly be wrong with Typical Nightmare? It depends on how much time you want to devote to reading this review. John walks at the pace of a 110-year-old man, he teeters like a drunkard, and often you have to interact with objects repeatedly just to get them to eventually work. Sometimes, interactive objects aren’t even highlighted. There’s just no consistency to anything. What’s perhaps the most devastating consequence of having a game so ravaged by glitches is the fact that most players do not get a consistent experience. For example, in my playthrough I wasn’t surrounded and killed by wolves, I didn’t see all the graffiti on the walls of the apartment complex, I wasn’t able to interact with the phone and call the police, and the list just goes on and on. I seem to have gotten one of the more vanilla playthroughs in comparison to others that I’ve seen.

The name for this monstrosity is hilariously fitting since Typical Nightmare houses everything that’s a nightmare for PC gamers. Within the hour duration that this game plays out for, you have to sit through an insane amount of loading screens, deal with shotty performance, overcome some of the poorest mechanics ever conceived, get stuck in random places if the game decides it just doesn’t want to progress any more, and all for what? One of the most unrewarding and terrible endings that I’ve ever had the personal misfortune of witnessing in a long, long time. Just save yourself the time, hassle, and frustration; don’t bother to look at this title even if it’s on sale.

Rating: 0.5/5.0 – Abysmal, avoid it like the plague.
The Horror Network Curator | Group Click for Gore

The developer provided a free copy of this game for review, through The Horror Network’s Curation page.