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About This Game

Vagrant Fury is many things: a no-frills side-shooter, a dark tale of redemption, a homage to the 80’s looks and sounds… But above all, if you’re the kind that likes a casual action game with artistic cutscreens and its fair share of dialogue boxes, Vagrant Fury may be for you!

VectorGoat Games is a small shop of hard-working humanoids (and the odd xenomorph), all of them with a passion for game development.

A secret past! A plot full of twists and surprises! A hero’s path, tragic but inspiring! Clichés you can trust! — (Action and Sci-fi Tropes Certified)

Harnessing the power of computers salvaged from our local dumpster, we’re able to offer you the most advanced voxel graphics on the market in 1989. VoxelPower™ — Because Pixel is Dead!

Also: remember when music was good? Yeah, us too — that’s why we have an awesome synthwave soundtrack! Synthwave – where cheese and greatness collide! Synthwave makes Vagrant Fury enjoyable even with the screen turned off.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.6GHz or better (dual core recommended)
    • Memory: 2000 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Any graphics card released post-2012
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 4000 MB available space
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Vagrant Fury-0
Vagrant Fury-1
Vagrant Fury-2
Vagrant Fury-3
Vagrant Fury-4
Vagrant Fury-5
Vagrant Fury-6
Vagrant Fury-7
Vagrant Fury-8
Vagrant Fury-9
Vagrant Fury-10
Vagrant Fury-11
Vagrant Fury-12


Posted: September 30, 2018
Once upon a time, one person had an idea for a game and decided to take upon itself to learn everything needed to develop the project: the programming, the 3D building, the 3D animation, etc. "Vagrant Fury" is that game, a self-taught indie game created in about a year or so of hard work by one single individual with the occasional help of a friend or two.

Yes, it has flaws gameplay wise, something that I believe could be easily improved upon the feedback from other gamers. Personally I would enjoy it a bit more with a faster pace, a few more sound effects to make every kill more satisfying and perhaps a more rewarding variation between the weapons. Oh, and the option to speed the text on the cutscenes the same way it’s possible on the in-game dialogue. Also, the option for a co-op mode would definitely improve the replayability and bring a whole new level of fun to it.

Still, I’m having fun with it and if you enjoy pixel and voxel art, as well as arcade side scrolling shooters, give Vagrant Fury a try! Leave your thoughts about it on the reviews or by directly contacting the Dev, so the game can be upgraded upon the current build and reach it’s full potential.


Posted: October 1, 2018
A casual sideshooter indeed (note the "story-driven" part, which is a rarity in the genre, methinks) with a peculiar visual style and a storyline choke-full of references ("Roadhouse", anyone? No? "American Psycho"? "Commando"? Jeez, these damn kids nowadays…). Also featuring: a de rigueur synthwave soundtrack. The mechanics have their fair share of arcade beat’em up DNA, but with guns, which is a good thing IMO. Lots of weapons, explosions, and snarky bosses, just like we used to have in The Good Old Days(tm).

I’m a simple man: gimme rocket launchers, demons and ninjas, action movie references, hipster-shooting, a synthwave soundtrack, and I’ll buy it. Now get off my lawn…


Posted: October 3, 2018
I was really doubtfull when I purchased Vagrant Fury due to some comments below, but since I saw the devs lowering the price I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did, because the overall concept of the game is well done. I think it’s at a reasonable price range now for what it’s worth.

It could be improved, yes, as all other indie games, but it’s simple and gets straight to the point.
I see the effort in its visual style it took to implement, and they actually did it in an interesting manner. It’s a risky move to make full 3D games when compared to 2D, but looking at it I think they nailed it. Since I’m a lover of good visuals, it’s great to see when new teams actually take risks to do different visual styles.

I really enjoyed the story, and all the different bosses. A car salesman dressed in an american flag kimono that uses a sword that is a fish… Also an evil hipster computer… like hahaha, what the *** is this?! And a lot more characters that feel like they fit the type of retro weird bosses we normally see in other games. There are a lot of movie references, I won’t spoil it more than this, find for yourself the little hints here and there.

The first cut scene is a bit slow, but once you get into gear things start to speed up.

It takes a bit of time to adjust to the aiming, but once you get used to it you can see that there’s a lot of tactics to take down the enemies faster and smarter. I think it could do with some obstacles on the road to hide from fire from time to time, but that’s my personal opinion (maybe the devs will read this and make it happen?)

I would like to see the devs adding controller support in the future too.

I didn’t really use the grenades until the end, but it became apparent that they can actually do a good chunk of damage to a cluster of enemies. The dodge feels a bit useless until you reach the last stage bosses, which require more dodging.
I can’t really compare it to the last version, but it seems like the devs are trying to improve the game when comparing the new update to other gameplay videos. Specially the price, I think they are actually listening to what other people are saying and trying to improve.

The game shows a lot of promise and its buckets of fun. Since the devs are trying to make it better, it gets my recomendation.


Posted: September 27, 2018
Product received for free

Disclosure: I got this game as a review copy from my curator group The Knowledgable Anime Gangster Squad which is more of a meme pisstake curator so this is actually a serious review to make up for whatever (un)funny thing i pull out of my♥♥♥♥♥on there

There is the look of a potential good game here, i mean it looks great for a game… but it is plagued with the gameplay being the same thing over and over to the point that it felt like tedious chore to play it, 2 of the 3 weapons you get are the only ones you are ever going to use and even then its mostly you will be using the shotgun because its the only weapon that will efficently clear out enemies from the screen as the machinegun just lacks the speed to clear places out efficently while the rocket launcher is usually best reserved for bosses and i very rarely ever saw the point of using grenades because they either missed or i just saved them for the bosses

There is absolutely no point to dodge rolling because it interrupts your shooting and you may just get hit regardless so the best option is to just keep moving to reduce the chance of bullets hitting you and tanking with your really huge healthbar, i have tried and there really is no way to avoid getting hit multiple times in one gunfight

Also the lack of multiplayer just reduces my interest in continuing this because if i can’t even play it with friends what is the point in playing this game again after one playthrough?

Bosses also dont really change a lot, they just fire multiple projectiles in a spread pattern that are too quick to dodge efficently and its pretty easy just to tank the damage and circle around them leaving them stuck in place, the enemies that appear during the fight dont really add to the challenge as you could just tank the bullets and projectiles and hope you out DPS it before it kills you.

It seems really mindless for a sidescrolling shooting game because nothing really changes except how the weapons look and even that does not make me eager to continue it.

Cutscenes drag on for too long and i would not just mind if it gave me an option to skip the text so i can read it all now like the in game dialogue

It feels really formulaic which is sad because the game looks great and it works, but its just too simple that it just makes me think this is like a flash game you would play during an IT class


Posted: September 28, 2018
Product received for free


If the Dev cared about their game it would be in early access for dirt cheap of for free while they improve the game/fix it.
But even though there is a TON wrong with it, it was released as a finished game at a premium price.
That should tell you plenty.

When I think of what elements make up a great Arcade game I can’t help but think of games like Contra, Final Fight, Heavy Barrel, TMNT, Street Fighter 2, etc.
Simple graphics but fun and simple creative game play.
The second you put graphics before game play is the second your project fails.

Sadly that seems to be the case for Vagrant Fury.
Its not a crap game, but it is not a fun game either. It was interesting for maybe the first ten min then the lack or programming skills began to shine through.
Vagrant Fury would have been FAR better if the background wasn’t in 3d, and instead the Devs directed their efforts towards gameplay / storyline / mechanics. You can tell the focus was in the wrong place right from the start(backgrounds, lighting and art).
I’m afraid the Retro Label doesn’t hold up well either.
The game feels vaguely Retro….
As if there was an attempt at it / wasn’t a clear vision for how the overall game should look.
The boss fights were very un-creative / clunky, and I found my self just wanting to hurry past them.
Vagrant Fury is short(about 3hours), has bugs, and gun balance issues.
Very basic enemies, and not much change from level to level as far as mechanics go.
No unlockables.
No gun upgrades.
Very basic stuff.

The Price
The Primary reason I cant recommend this game is the Absurd price.
I’m sure you Devs/dev worked hard on this game and you want to be rewarded for your efforts, but you are a charging WAY too much for your game currently, and it wont sell at that price.
If it does sell at that price for some crazy reason i think your going to find some very angry people on your forums after twenty min or less of game play. They will most likely just refund / leave bad feedback though.

I have paid $1.99 for 2d simple Arcade games created by one person here on steam/cellphone that contain a great deal more content than Vagrant Fury offers, and they are extremely polished as well as fun. Smooth functioning fun mechanics should have been the primary focus.

As Vagrant Fury currently is, It would never be worth more than $2.99, and that is pushing it. I really mean pushing it.
I wouldnt pay $2.99 for it as is.
Maybe with some more polish(And i dont mean graphics).
Hell, most free games have more effort put into them.

Drop the price.
Think bulk sales.

Be smart about it.



Vagrant Fury Gets A

5.0 Out of 10


Posted: December 27, 2018
It’s a fun, responsive shooter with fun graphics and music with a good beat. However, it lacks polish, the pacing is weird, and I found it to be a bit punishing with no option to turn down the difficulty. Would have been nice if any of the background was destructable consideriing the low res nature of the game. Also, being able to run out of ammo conpletely in a bullet hell game is not a wise design choice.

Worth the sale price. Surprised they’re selling it for so much as early access.


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