Void Bastards Cheats For Xbox One

Void Bastards Cheats For Xbox One


Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

Build an upgrade.Bodge Job
Build a Citizen Card.Brown Noser
Build the Water Cooling unit.Chilled Out
Escape the nebula on NORMAL with the ONLY DEVICES restriction.Clever Dick
Escape the nebula on NORMAL or HARD with no deaths.Coffin Dodger
Escape the nebula on HARD.Cooking with Gas
Escape the nebula on HARD BASTARD.Cor Blimey!
Escape the nebula on NORMAL with the ONLY INDIRECT restriction.Guy Fawkes
Build the HR Computer.Human Resource
Blow up a void whale.Kippers for Breakfast
Loot a pupbot.Lombard
Escape the nebula on NORMAL with the UNARMED restriction.Mahatma
Catch a garbage collector.Mingin
Escape the nebula on HARD BASTARD with no deaths.Off the Hook
Escape the nebula on NORMAL without building any non progress upgrades.Penny Pincher
Survive a pirate encounter.Shiver Their Timbers
Build the Transmitter.Software Pirate
Escape the nebula.Sorted
Get killed by pirates.Specially Selected
Escape the nebula on NORMAL with the ONLY FIREARMS restriction.Squaddie
Rehydrate a second client.Staff Turnover
Pilot S.T.E.V. to nebula depth two.Swanning Around
Upgrade the regulator.Tooled Up
Build every upgrade.Trainspotter

Death isn’t a complete loss

Dying in Void Bastards doesn’t completely reset your progress. The tools you’ve constructed and most of the items you’ve collected will carry over to the next prisoner that gets rehydrated. It’s an iterative process. You might die on this jaunt into to nebula, but you might also end up with an invaluable new weapon that your next incarnation can use.

Don’t plan to die, but don’t plan to survive either

Progress in Void Bastards, however small and incremental, is still progress. Use each prisoner you get for as long as you can, gather everything that isn’t nailed down, build new stuff, and leave the following prisoner that much better off.

The other way to say this is: Expect it all to go wrong. Your favorite prisoner with his eagle eyes and short stature is going to get surprised by a Screw and die. Your carefully mapped route through the nebula is going to get short-circuited when you run out of fuel. Just like your prisoners, don’t be precious about your carefully laid plans. You can just start over again, slightly better off than you were last time.

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