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About This Game

Unique fusion of a top down shooter and tower defense strategy. You are the X-Morph – an alien species that invades Earth to harvest its resources and terraform the surface. Strategize in the build mode by carefully selecting various types of alien towers or throw yourself right into heat of the battle. Build mazes for incoming enemies in an environment that provides exceptional planning freedom. Tear down buildings and collapse bridges to support your defense or to simply indulge in a spectacle of unprecedented destruction. Possess a range of unique alien weapons and use defense strategies like you’ve never seen before in this genre.

Your goal is to defend the X-Morph harvesters from waves of incoming human forces. Each enemy wave is preceded by a setup phase in which the player can check what types of enemies are going to be attacking him and to observe their paths. There is no time limit for this phase, so the player can carefully plan his defenses or choose to start fighting immediately and place towers when needed during the battle. One of the game’s key features is the ability to build towers virtually anywhere on the map and to shape enemy paths by connecting towers with laser fences. The player can choose between building long mazes out of basic towers or placing more advanced towers which are more effective at different types of incoming enemies. Advanced tower types specialize in dealing with specific enemy types e.g. flame towers are great for destroying fast moving ground units, artillery towers are best at countering large groups of slow enemies, anti air laser is ideal for shooting down heavy bombers.

As the X-Morph fighter you can engage enemy units directly with a diverse arsenal of weapons. You can morph into four distinct forms which specialize in dealing with different kinds of threats. Each form has a basic attack and a special charged attack mode. The Plasma Fighter is the most universal form – good at destroying both air and ground units. The Dark Matter Bomber is great at decimating groups of ground units. It can also slow down time and release a dark matter bomb that can cut down buildings. The Shredder fighter is perfect for annihilating large numbers of human air units and clearing the sky. Finally the Laser Destroyer is best for smelting large single units. It can also charge up a gravitational anomaly that sucks in smaller enemy units. A large variety of weapons and enemies along with a dynamic, fully destructible environment provides a rich arcade shooter experience.

The game’s environments are constructed with a lot of attention to detail and they are almost completely destructible. From small picket fences to huge skyscrapers. Any bridge or building in the game can be collapsed and it’s destruction is dynamically simulated using realistic physics. The destruction is not only a visual effect as it can significantly influence the layout of the battlefield. The combination of dynamic environments, laser fences and real time calculated enemy paths creates unique gameplay scenarios.

Humans are desperate to defend their home world. They have created huge, building size, mechanical war machines to fight against each other, but now they will use them to destroy the X-Morph. Each boss fight is unique and heavily influences the gameplay environment. Entire cities will be destroyed.

X-Morph: Defence includes a split screen co-op mode. All missions have different gameplay scenarios designed specifically for co-op play. Enemies attack in larger numbers and from new directions making good cooperation essential to winning. In this mode the game can be played in many different ways, one player can focus on optimizing tower placement while the other shoots at enemies or they can both focus their firepower on the strongest attackers.

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 64bit Service Pack 1
    • Processor: Processor: i3 2.6Ghz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 or AMD equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
X-Morph: Defense-0
X-Morph: Defense-1
X-Morph: Defense-2
X-Morph: Defense-3
X-Morph: Defense-4
X-Morph: Defense-5
X-Morph: Defense-6
X-Morph: Defense-7
X-Morph: Defense-8
X-Morph: Defense-9
X-Morph: Defense-10
X-Morph: Defense-11
X-Morph: Defense-12
X-Morph: Defense-13
X-Morph: Defense-14
X-Morph: Defense-15
X-Morph: Defense-16
X-Morph: Defense-17
X-Morph: Defense-18
X-Morph: Defense-19
X-Morph: Defense-20
X-Morph: Defense-21
X-Morph: Defense-22
X-Morph: Defense-23
X-Morph: Defense-0
X-Morph: Defense-1
X-Morph: Defense-2
X-Morph: Defense-3
X-Morph: Defense-4
X-Morph: Defense-5
X-Morph: Defense-6
X-Morph: Defense-7
X-Morph: Defense-8
X-Morph: Defense-9
X-Morph: Defense-10
X-Morph: Defense-11
X-Morph: Defense-12
X-Morph: Defense-13
X-Morph: Defense-14
X-Morph: Defense-15
X-Morph: Defense-16
X-Morph: Defense-17
X-Morph: Defense-18
X-Morph: Defense-19
X-Morph: Defense-20
X-Morph: Defense-21
X-Morph: Defense-22
X-Morph: Defense-23


Posted: September 3, 2017
Good arcade game with poor TD and strategy elements.

X -Morph Defense is the first nice looking game (if doesn’t count Warstone) in the TD genre since KR Frontiers release. So, there were no question with buying it. I passed this game on Hard in about 12 hours. So, there are my thoughts.

If you waited for a good TD game, you waited in vain, because it’s not a TD game. Do you want to place towers? Yeah, ok, but destroy a hundred of tanks and avoid a thousand of projectiles before. Yeah, the game contains TD elements, but they are bare to bones. There are 7 towers. Yeah, you heard right. Could we add TD tag to the game if there are only 7 towers? I don’t know, really…

There is everywhere on the store page is told "Tower Defense". So as a TD fan i was pretty disappointed, because first of all i waited for a TD game. ….. but i got an arcade game, a good one, with nice visuals and other cool stuff. I should admit, I don’t like arcade games, but I liked this one.


About Gameplay.
90% of the time you will move and shoot using X-Defender. You have 4 weapons for shooting, Plasma (weak and fast), Missile (Anti-air), Bombs (Splash ground) and Laser. Every weapon has charged ability: you can cast EMP strike or drop Dark Matter Bomb.
So, you will use these things 90% of time until finished the game (12-14 hours). That’s the thing i don’t like in arcades, you should do the same things again and again. IT’s getting bored soon.

But, devs did good job, arcade part of the game is on the top. Everything looks nice. Killing enemies are pleasant, especially at the first battles. Visual effects are nice. I highly like the shoot effects. My favorite is Dark Matter bomb

New types of units comes each new mission. You will force armored vehicles at the start, when tanks, artillery, bombers, heavy helicopters come. Each is weak for exact weapon or tower, so it makes the gameplay wider.

You meet the first boss at the first map. Yeah, it was cool.

There are 14 missions. Five of them are side missions. I am sure, it’s enough. To the end of the game, the game couldn’t offer you new experience, so it’s good when it finished so soon. In addition, i think 12-14 hours is enough to satisfy your wishes.

So what’s about TD elements? As i said, there is 7 towers: basic, artillery, laser, flame and 3 anti air towers. Strategy part of the building is the simplest. If infantry comes – place flame tower, if tanks come place artillery towers, if heavy tanks come – place laser towers, if air forces come – place anti air. As I said, it’s boring for TD fan.

What I liked. Each level is a maze level. You can increase the path by placing towers and !!! destroying environment. Yeah, it’s cool idea. You place Dark matter Bomb and a collapsed scrapper blocks the path. This is the only one strategic part of the game. You should build the longest maze possible. There are no more strategic, everything else is pure arcade.

There are no armor types/damage. Enemies even don’t have health bars (by default settings. you can turn them on. I didn’t know that). So you can’t undestand how many shoots/towers you need to deal with different enemies.

Enemies almost don’t have special abilities. Yeah, there a re healers and jumpers. I wanted to see more special units with interesting features as Resurrection, invisibility, stun, damage decrease and other stuff…


– Saturated arcade gameplay
– Stunning visuals
– Nice sound effects, voice acting and atmosphere
– No bugs were found

– Enemies paths is changing every wave. Devs supposed it adds more interest to the game, but in real life it’s just getting bored to check waves every time and replace towers. We want to place and upgrade towers, we don’t want to replace them.
– Each mission is really long. Sometimes I wanted to stop the game, because i was tired, but it was only 5/7 waves 😀
– Co-op mode with no LAN support. I undestand, you made the game for Xbos and PS4 in priority, but how should we play co-op at 1 computer without extra contoller or mouse. Arg…It’s like to give user a car and didn’t give him petrol.
– Enemy forces of all countries looks the same. I understand, use different models is impossible, but I would like to see national colors at least. It’s really strange, when tanks in China, USA and Russia looks the same.

– Poor TD mechanics
– Skill tree for Towers and Defender is poor too. There are ~7 passive skills which doesn’t affect gameplay at all. You can’t upgrade the damage of your base weapons. So, you damage output at the first mission is almost the same at 14th mission. I think, devs should add more diversity to this part of the game
– Story is boring. Plot is good, but everything else you got is just old soldier grumbling. It’s funny to hear "We experienced heavy loses" or "We have lost this battle" during the first mission. But he says the same meaning in other words for all missions. And, humanity didn’t do really interesting with aliens. There are no plot twists. Everything is linear.


As I TD fun i wasn’t satisfied with this game. So I can’t recommend this game for a full price for strategy fans. I think, you should take it with 25-50% discount, because even with a lack of TD elements it provides an interesting mix of genres and new experience.

I play rarely at the games of not strategy genre. So I don’t have much experience with arcade games, so can’t say anything for sure. But visual are awesome, the arcade part of the game is cool, I liked playing it. So if you like games of this type – you should get it.


Posted: November 6, 2017
X-Morph: Defence is an interesting combination of tower defence and shoot-em-up gameplay, where you play as an alien race who are invading Earth. Each mission begins with a spaceship landing on the planet surface, which then becomes your core. Human military forces attack in waves, by land and air, along specified paths. You need to place towers along their paths to destroy them before they can destroy your core. You also control a small flying ship, allowing you to move quickly around the map, assisting your towers with destroying the enemy.

You can build seven different types of towers. Plasma is rapid fire, but does weak damage (similar to a machine gun), flamethrowers are good against infantry, artillery has long range and can fire over obstacles, lasers are useful against strong armour, and there are three varieties of anti-air. You can create a laser fence between two towers that are close together, to block the enemy and shape their path, creating a maze to slow them down. Meanwhile your ship can equip four weapons, including plasma, anti-air missiles, lasers, and bombs which can destroy buildings to block the enemy path with rubble. Each of your weapons can be charged up to fire a more powerful alternate attack.

The Humans have a decent variety of units. Some of them focus on attacking your core (infantry, APCs, tanks, mechs), some will try to destroy your towers (artillery, bombers) and some will attack your ship (mobile anti-air, fighter jets, choppers). Advanced infantry and mechs are equipped with jetpacks to enable them to jump over your fences, or small gaps in the terrain. And a few missions end with you fighting a massive boss vehicle. If your ship is destroyed, you respawn at the core after a few seconds, but if your core is destroyed, you lose the mission. There’s a checkpoint at the start of each wave, so you don’t need to restart the entire mission.

Between waves you can take as much time as you want to plan your defences, and you’ll certainly need to take advantage of it. The Humans constantly change their strategy from one wave to the next, attacking from different directions and with different combinations of units, requiring you to design almost an entirely new defensive tactic for each wave. Fortunately you don’t lose resources for selling and repositioning towers. You can also build new towers, or change their attack types, during waves. You build towers in “ghost mode” where the enemy can’t hurt you, and this can also be useful as a defensive strategy to avoid incoming enemy fire.

Each completed mission rewards you with upgrade points to spend in a tech tree. Each of the towers and weapons mentioned above have to be unlocked. You can also unlock upgrades for your core, such as more health and the ability to shoot nearby enemies. Another important ability allows you to collect scrap from destroyed enemies, which adds to your available resources, allowing you to construct more towers.

I enjoy playing tower defence games, and I especially like those where you can control a character and directly attack enemies – games such as Sanctum and Orcs Must Die. You’re always involved in the action, and X-Morph can get particularly intense. There’s also an interesting tactical twist, as you figure out how to balance the workload between yourself and your towers.

If you feel the same way, then I strongly recommend picking up X-Morph. It took me 13 hours to finish the campaign, which includes a total of 14 missions, so there’s enough content to justify a full price purchase. However you might want to wait for a couple more patches, as I’ve crashed to desktop on two occasions (fortunately those frequent checkpoints meant that I didn’t lose much progress).


Posted: August 31, 2017
This game is BRILLIANT.
Congratulations EXOR Studios for putting in the time and effort to make something that is both beautiful to look at while being very well polished, something most AAA games suffer from these days. At max settings the game looks and feels buttery smooth (constant 60 fps) even with numerous projectiles, explosions, and debris flying around the map at any given moment. The game is an utter joy to play. Anyone interested in ‘Tower Defense’ games should not hesitate to give this game a buy.
That being said:

The controls are very responsive and moving your ship feels very fluid, no clunky or ‘sticky’ controls which is great. There are 4 main weapons you can unlock throughout the currently available 14 missions each with a alternate fire that you can charge up for extra damage or utility. Each weapon is best suited towards certain types of enemies (you will be swapping weapons frequently). Blowing tanks to pieces and shooting bombers out of the sky is fun and satisfying and looks increadable. The buildings are all destructable with some of the taller ones being capable of dropping onto enemy vehicles and blocking their path toward your core.

===Tower Defense===
As with the weapons there are several towers you can unlock as you progress through the game. Each having a strength and a weakness. You can also create barriers between towers to reroute the enemy away from your core, making them take a longer route. There must always be at least one viable path to your core however so you cant attempt to turtle or wall off your core. Most of the tower strategy is revolved around choosing the right towers and using walls to reroute the enemy into the longest path toward your core as possible. Destroying the environment can impact this in your favor or to your detriment…

I could go on but i’m sure most of you have stopped reading by now so in short:
Shooting is fluid and responsive, controls are fully remappable, environments are destructable, game looks beautiful, strategy is engaging, game engine is very well optomized, presentation if polished, enemy routes change from wave to wave – the game is brilliant go buy it already


Posted: May 15, 2018
I have played every tower defense game I have ever seen across every platform and I can say without hesitation, X-Morph: Defense is my favorite TD game of all time. Briliant level design, solid core mechanics and fantastic presentation pushed this to be my biggest surprise and my choice for best game of 2017.


Posted: February 16, 2018
How is nobody talking about this game? This is one of the greatest, if not the greatest tower defense game I have ever played. I mean making a tower defense action packed and exciting? Who would have thought?

Ok so what even is the game: At its core it is 50% tower defense and 50% SHMUP, so while enemy forces are forced to go along their paths and get shot by your towers you can fly around with your ship and get in on the action too, something not entirely unheard of with games like Orcs Must Die and Sanctum.

The part that you play also makes up for the small selection of towers, all you have is 1 with long range 1 basic 1 vs groups 1 vs large enemies and basic anti flying group flying large flying. And admittedly there is a lot of TD games that stomp this tiny variety but thats ok it just all works well. The unit variety is a lot better and they bring unique challenges with them and are sometimes all thrown at you at the same time so having even more would be chaos. Your main ship has 4 different weapon options with upgradable secondary fire options, but also nothing big.

Now whats so special really? The physics! If you kill enemy Bombers and they crash into a forest beneath them the forest catches on fire potentially killing infantry units inside of it, if you use bombs to blow up the lower part of a skyscraper it will come crashing down and looks pretty realistic in doing so and more importantly this can be used to redirect enemy paths which is obviously something you will always want to abuse to maximum efficiency you cant however completely block enemy access the game will just remove the barrier.

Now the trailer tries to impress you with its awesome boss battles but lets be real here there is 4 in total so dont come in expecting to find a new boss in each of the numerous missions. Once they appear though especially alongside normal waves it makes for memorable showdowns.

Storywise it is refreshing but not deep, you are an alien invasion force start assimilating the planet area by area.

The music merely does its job, not worth buying a soundtrack for.

In my opinion there is no replay value but it took me 13 hours to complete and i rushed through fairly quickly so it will keep you busy for a bit.

Alltogether if you are madly in love with tower defense games and the balls to the walls awesomeness of exploding destructible enviroments on top of enemy waves sounds like a neat twist on the genre to you this is even worth full price, but i would still reccomend it to anyone who likes tower defense games even on a slight sale.


Posted: June 19, 2018
Survival (Endless Mode) is where X-Morph really shines

I’m gonna get the basics out of the way first. In this game:

– You play as an alien invader against the human race, for a change (thank god);

– You don’t just watch as your towers do all the work — you fly your airship around, constantly intervening in the battle;

– You can alter your enemies’ paths by connecting your towers to one another or by demolishing buildings so the fallen debris will block their way;

– You can unlock upgrades for your ship and structures. There isn’t a complex research tree though — by the end of the campaign (or wave 19/20 in Survival) you will have all the available upgrades.

That’s basically it. X-Morph is something between a classic TD and Sanctum (which is the best one of them, IMO). Although it has a rather small variety of towers available to build, being able to fly and battle around in your ship makes up for it — keeping busy is a lot more fun than just sitting back and watching.

This game also shines in another aspect: you have to put some real thought into how you’re gonna build your defenses. There’s a lot of "path-making" options, and figuring out the best strategy for each map can be quite challenging. They managed to make this very well.

The campaign is not very long, and it’s pretty easy. It’s not bad, but nothing great either. Hence the title: "survival is where X-Morph really shines."

The first time I entered Survival mode, right after finishing the Campaign, I hated it. You have about 10 seconds to think/build between waves, so you’re always under pressure and, personally, I don’t like that (you can build anytime during waves though, so… don’t fret). But it turns out it’s a lot of fun.

First, you gotta plan everything ahead since you won’t have much time to think after the waves start coming, and laying down your defenses poorly will cost you dearly later on. Second, the game allows for interesting defensive layouts, so a good deal of strategy goes into it. Third, when things start to get really intense on later waves, you’ll actually need some skill with your ship to keep surviving, and a lot of focus.

Incoming waves and directions are also somewhat randomized, and so are the upgrades you unlock after each wave, so every time you play a map it’s a little different.

The Survival mode is where X-Morph’s real challenge lies. Trying to get into the Top 10 scores is really fun. The Campaign entertained me for 14 hours or so, the rest of my playtime was spent on Survival.

I’ve played a lot of TDs, and I’d say X-Morph is the second best of them all (Sanctum 2 is the first).


Posted: August 30, 2017
This game is like if Michael Bay directed a Tower Defense game, and it’s absolutely glorious. It requires you to constantly rethink your strategy from wave to wave, rewarding you with the joy of overwhelming destruction, and for your crazy maze ideas that let you loop the enemy around the whole map. Visuals are top-notch, I have yet to experience lag, which, given how much stuff is constantly exploding on screen, that’s just down right impressive. The game provides a fair amount of the leeway, between the many constant auto-saves, your core has a lot of health, tower upgrades are full refund even when destroyed by the enemy, and you have unlimited time between waves to plan out your defenses. And the bosses. Holy crap I have never witnessed such visual fidelity in both trying to blow them up and watching them run over the city.

Easily one of the most satisfying games I’ve played.

EDIT: I beat the game, took about 12 hours, a blast (literally) from start to finish. It required me to do some pretty serious thinking and adapt my defense between each wave, which I found very rewarding.

I then reset the campaign and am now attempting hard difficulty. Holy frigin’ crap, it’s really difficult, I’ve gotten a number of game overs/restarts and I’m only 1/3 the way through, BUT it’s entirely doable. Hard difficulty requires a huge deal of on-the-spot adaptibility, sometimes requiring you to lose a wave in order to see how everything spawns in so you know what to kill first, what you need to run the longest path for, etc. Some of the waves, I thought my defense design was really cheesy cause I had some of the paths practically running circles. Well, as it turns out… if you don’t have ALL the paths running circles, you’re screwed, so trying to figure out how to do that each wave (and hard difficulty gives you less resources) is very satisfying when you finally pull it off.

Twill edit again once I’ve beaten it on hard mode. Loving the challenge of the game; it has yet to ever be outright unfair. If your defense seems weak, odds are, there’s a better way to do it, and you’ll just have to put some good thinking and tinkering in.

EDIT 2: Hard difficulty run took about 9 hours total, along with 6-7 game overs. It definitely requires a much more active use of changing towers in the middle of the wave and knowing when/where your fighter should be. A lot of fun to be had, I still gotta backtrack to try and gold rank everything. Last level felt pretty easy though, the difficulty ramp kinda went down for that level on hard difficulty.

Great game, as a dev from Element TD looking for something new, while I wouldn’t call this game revolutionary, it’s incredibly well polished. To me, this is the new standard of Tower Defense games!


Posted: November 29, 2018
Product received for free

X-Morph: Defense:

Breaking news . . . at 2 pm this afternoon, a gigantic unidentified rhombus-shaped object crash landed somewhere in South Africa, destroying everything within its vicinity. The authorities were quick to react and sent aircrafts to check the site. Upon arriving, they were swiftly destroyed by some sort of defense towers system. Since then, many more of these unidentified objects crash landed across the earth. Is our planet being invaded, and if so, by whom or what?

X-Morph: Defense is a top-down shooter / tower defense game developed and published by EXOR Studios where you take control of the Alien race X-Morph who are invading the planet earth.

The game has a couple modes of play and dlc’s. You can start a new campaign, which involves missions in 14 locations across the world, or play in a survival game by yourself or in coop (local) with one of your friends. There are four levels of difficulty in this title, from easy to brutal. I would suggest sticking to the normal difficulty at first as it will give you a good challenge before moving up to the next difficulty level.

I am going to mention it outright; I was extremely surprised at how good and addictive this game is! Personally, I really enjoy top down shooter and tower defense games, and the way these two genres are combined is just brilliant, in my opinion.

In all the missions, you must defend the X-morph Harvester Core. As soon as the rhombus dark alien object hits the ground, it will transform into some sort of shrine with a levitating ball in the middle of it. You will be controlling the flying craft next to it. With this craft, you’ll have the ability to build towers before and during each attack. There are five types of towers available in this game. The main tower shoots a projectile every few seconds towards any enemy units. However, as you progress through the game, you’ll be acquiring a flamethrower tower (which is effective against ground units), artillery (which is great against both armour and ground units), laser towers (which are effective against ground shield units) and anti-aircraft towers (which will attempt to destroy anything that flies in its perimeter).

Each mission consists of 5 to 7 waves to defeat. As the goal is to defend the Harvester Core, you’ll be viewing a small introduction from the human commander between each wave. Most of the time he will outlay where the human forces will come from within the map or what new unit you might face. Before launching each wave, you’ll have the ability to position towers within the map where the enemy forces will come from. Each tower you place on the map will cost you energy points, which is represented by the gauge on the bottom left corner of your screen. Each time you upgrade a tower to one of the four other types, it will cost you extra energy to do so. The other interesting thing you can do in this game is the possibility of deviating the enemy routes by connecting your towers with laser shields and making these routes as long as possible before the enemy convoy reach the Harvester Core; and of course, adding plenty more towers around them to destroy as many units as possible. While your towers are shooting at enemy units, you’ll be controlling your flying craft across the map. This craft will have four different types of weapons when it is fully upgraded. However, you’ll only have one at the start of the game. Your ship has two modes: normal and ghost. In the normal mode, you’ll be able to fly around and shoot at enemies’ units, but you’ll need to be very careful of ground units with missiles and machine guns. As the new waves are introduced, you’ll be attacked from the air by aircrafts and helicopters. On top of that, the map will expand even further, and enemies will come from new routes too.

While shooting units with your flying craft, you might find that the human forces move rather fast from another route totally opposite to your current location. By activating the ghost mode, not only the can’t see you anymore but you can fly faster from one side of the map to the other. You can also build new towers (if you have enough energy resources at hand) and collect debris (if you have the correct update) in that mode. At the end of each mission, you’ll be rewarded with technology and upgrade points, as well as with a medal from Bronze to Gold: of course, it will depend on how well you’ve done in that particular mission.

There are also three bosses fights in the campaign and must say they are challenging and extremely fun to play against.
In the survival mode, you’ll have to survive 10 waves and you’ll be prompted to choose an upgrade or technology between each of the wave which can make it very interesting.

Graphically the game looks awesome and the controls are super responsive with either your gamepad or mouse and keyboard making the game enjoyable. I really like the story and narrative all way through.

+Great Graphics
+14 missions to play and four levels of difficulty
+Local coop available
+Super fun and challenging gameplay
+Sensational controls
+Achievements and trading cards


-I would like to see additional enemy units

X-Morph: Defense is a superb top down shooter and defense tower game. Come on and join the X-morph race, you won’t be disappointed, period!


Key provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own!





Odd Little Games

Posted: December 1, 2018
God, that poor general!

I felt so bad for him by the end I almost wanted to lose the game. Every mission, as his desperate defense plans were crushed effortlessly by my godlike alien technology, I kept expecting him to be relieved from command, or worse.

Instead, he sticks it out to the bitter end. You can hear it in his voice, the growing despair and resignation to his doomed fate as you steamroll across the Earth; yet he never gives in despite the impossible odds. It’s so terribly sad and heroic.

What have I done??

It wasn’t even a fair fight. Come on, I had impenetrable laser fences and I could decode all their plans ahead of time. Not to mention this crazy ship that could shapeshift into any weapon I wanted and then somehow turn incorporeal and vacuum up their wrecked machinery to make me even stronger. They never stood a chance!

I’m sorry, General. You gave it all you had.

Now I wish I hadn’t destroyed your planet. 🙁

You can find more indie game reviews at https://oddlittlegames.com or visit my curator page. Thanks, and enjoy!


Posted: March 10
A really fun TD game. I didn’t think I would like it very much due to the fact that you control and do everything through a proxy, your ship, but it turned out to be pretty fun. It adds in interesting new elements to the game, making sure it survives, and using it to make sure that you survive. Collecting resources with it can be a little bit annoying, but ultimately rewarding. The Tower Defense part of this TD game is really, really good. You are able to create mazes using the environment around you, even collapsing buildings and other things to help extend your maze. You then build it further by creating a laser barrier between each tower. Sometimes you will wish that the lasers can go further, but for the most part being able to select which ones you want the lasers to go between works really well.

I like how as you build, and complete levels, the world around you terraforms, it is a nice touch that they didn’t need to add in, but makes the game world a lot cooler. The fact that you play as the antagonists is great, and the variety of level designs from all over the world is fantastic. I never once was bored with the levels, or how they looked. As for the music, I can’t really remember it to be honest, so maybe just turn it off and play your own in the background. Just make sure it isn’t too loud, so you don’t miss any notifications you may need to hear. As for the human enemies you face, the game makes them seem pretty dumb, but what are you going to do? It is a TD game, they have to come in waves like morons, but at least they keep coming from new paths, and keep introducing new units with abilities that can really screw you over if you aren’t prepared (looking at you infantry who can jump over obstacles and laser walls). The bosses are, ok. I wouldn’t say they add anything too good to the game, especially the last boss which is really just kind of annoying.

It is all around a very fun game, and I recommend it to anyone who likes TD games and is looking for something new with the ship aspect, rather than using the tired old hero unit.


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